Powerful, This Camera Can Take Optimal Shot in Dark Night

Powerful, This Camera Can Take Optimal Shot in Dark Night

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If we hear Canon cameras that have ISO 3200, 6400, or even ISO 80,000 as in EOS Cinema C300 may be commonplace. But what if the camera has ISO 400000? Incredibly awesome is not it. Then, what's with the ISO of that size?

Canon, as one of the most popular camera manufacturers in Asia or even the world has created sophisticated cameras that have up to ISO 4,000,000. The camera is Canon ME20F-SH. With its super-high sensitivity sensors, this camera has the ability to capture images in very dark places (less than 0.0005 lux), like an unlit moonlit night sky. Canon ME20F-SH is suitable for making movies, reality shows, documentaries, or surveillance cameras.

Its 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor is what makes this camera special. The sensitivity of the light-catching sensors reaches 19 microns square, or five times the size of other professional DSLR camera sensor models from Canon or other brands. Interestingly, Canon ME20F-SH lens can be replaced using Canon's EF camera lens commonly used in ordinary DSLR cameras.

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In addition to high ISO, this camera is also equipped with 3G support, HD-SDI, HDMI (output-only), 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm audio jack ports, and eight RS-422 pins that let you connect with camera accessories for video monitoring and audio.

Interested to have it? If interested, you should be ready to spend deep to bring this gadget. Canon ME20F-SH sells for US $ 30,000 or approximately USD 400 million. This new camera is marketed starting December 2015.

How Canon Canon ME20F-SH camera capabilities, see the following video:

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