Powerful Ways to Overcome the Odor of Household Waste

Powerful Ways to Overcome the Odor of Household Waste

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By Method,

Takakura's smart basket

Biopori Absorption Hole and Waste Bank

Previously the author apologize to readers who already understand and understand the CART TAKAKURA, but this article is specifically conveyed to the author who has never know about Takakura basket. And how to process organic waste at home.

Let us equally learn to solve the problem of garbage in their own home, because the source of waste is mostly from households, a little more we have contributed in preserving the environment.

Can be sure to process organic waste by means of Takakura Basket, very powerful to remove the odor from household waste, the smell is not delicious it comes from our trash. With note, organic waste consisting of animal organic waste, such as cuts of meat, shrimp scalp, rat carcasses and sebangsanya dumped into the Hole Resapan Biopori. While the un-organic waste can be deposited to the Garbage Bank that can be recycled into knick knacks, eg. bag, wallet, place Hp, place lap top, raincoat etc are still many.

Do a little like this, do not play the effects of goodness so vast to the sustainability of the earth and the world, if all citizens willingly do the things that the author recommend this. Imagine one Rt consists of 60 people multiplied by one RW multiplied by one urban village, from which already reduces the amount of bad smell, with decreasing the stench of the population of the fly is reduced, that is to reduce the source of the disease, especially stomach disease etc. The garbage worker will be very calm in carrying out the task because there is no bad smell anymore and the garbage transported is not too much, because it is self managed by the people. No more burning waste means the ozone layer damage is reduced, the disease caused by the effects of burning plastic waste and peralon dlsb. Being reduced anyway.

For that we always invite and appeal to citizens of Indonesia, anyone, anywhere, I happen to like to write for Kompasiana, therefore I invite readers Kompasiana. Let's do something a little because this job is very easy, does not require extra power and only a little patience.

This basket is usually used to store dirty clothes, placed in the bathroom with a small hole a lot of small.

But the basket can then function and used as a container to make household compost. By the inventor named Oji Takakura the Japanese nation. The basket is named TAKAKURAKERANJANG

The author captures this excellent innovation, with Takakura every citizen can solve his own waste problem, why? has always been heralded to sort Organic and Un organic garbage, even made two trash cans, what happened? Because of his human ignorance about garbage do they really separate organic waste? And if it has been sorted how long the garbage bins will be lifted? Was the garbage discharged? Finally Between organic waste and un organic waste will be mixed again by the garbage collector, Achieve ya.To the concern that the author invites the reader, give a little re-enlightenment, because the author is a new member in Kompasiana may have previously been written on the article about waste management, it would not hurt that this paper only reminds again and invites us all to love the environment and preserve this earth by managing each garbage in their own home.

Remind you, run your own garbage, do not depend on our domestic workers or just on the wives, men as head of household also need to do that, if one family equally moving and compact hopefully the garbage can be handled properly.

Mr. Koji Takakura

Mr. Koji Takakura (Japan) Is the inventor of Takakura Basket, along with Pusdakota (Urban Community Empowerment Center) Surabaya and University in Surabaya tested repeatedly, came to the present discovery.

Takakura's basket can be done by anyone, why- because,

Easy, Cheap, Generate Compost, Environmentally Friendly (3M R)

What we can make compost with Takakura Basket are:

Organic Waste, consisting of:

Kitchen waste, vegetable residue, fruit peel (except bark peel), leftover dining table, including egg shell after diremek can be put into takakura basket.

Tools needed for Takakura Basket.

1. Basket of dirty clothes2. Used cardboard for Compost basis

3. 2 pieces of husk cushion, basket size and top basket

3. Compost cooked as a starter / activator

4. Thin Basket cover / tile to prevent incoming flies

5. Mixer / small fork for agriculture.

How to do it

1. Insert the cardboard into the Basket

2. Followed by a small husk pads as the base of the basket

3. Enter the mature compost as Starter / Activator

4. Enter the garbage that has been cut into small baskets

5. Stir with cooked compost6. cover with padding husk cover

7. Cover with a thin cover cloth

8. Close with a basket cover

Any organic waste should always be stirred so that the permentation process runs perfectly, it can be felt that the process of permentation running when we open the basket temperature in the basket increased, sometimes even hot.

Characteristic Compost mature, black No odor, but smells of soil. After – / + two months then the compost can already be harvested.

The author socializes Takakura Basket around, to the village, social gathering, to be a resource person in a meeting. And ready to be called anywhere to help enlighten waste management.

Disgusting to take care of trash? Can not even bring in Money if we want and painstakingly.

Hopefully readers like this innovation, and soon try at home, this Takakura Basket can be placed in the kitchen, with the base of two bricks to keep the air circulation obtained. Takakura requires full air for microbial life processes in it (aerob) Avoid exposure to rain and sun directly to keep moisture awake.

Biopori Resapan Hole, is a hole that has been designed in such a way by Mr. Khamir R Brata from IPB, He is a Land expert. with the tool found, a hole is already formed with a depth of one meter with a circle of 4 inch.

Biopori Absorption Hole (LRB) is useful for storing water abundance into the soil, especially rain water etc .. Can be used to make compost naturally, just insert organic waste into LRB, then after +/- two months of compost can already be harvested.

The relationship with household waste management is stinking animal waste (for example, shrimp head, fish remnant, meat residue, chicken leftover and dead mouse) will be safe if thrown into LRB do not dispose in trash or Takakura. the depth of one meter is covered with the cover can reduce the odor, because the soil is a place to neutralize toxins and muffle odor.Thus, the garbage in our homes directly free from the BAU.Our pages become ijo royo royo thanks to compost made in the kitchen.While Organic Garbage can be deposited to Garbage Bank, if you have not around Bank Waste can open their own Bank Trash, Easy way, later if really interested interested writer to guide.

Fun is not a very light work but the garbage in our homes can be solved properly. A very important FREE BAU

Please contact the author if the reader wants to inquire about how to handle other waste and in more detail. For free, good luck. -Kinanti Sekar Djagad

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