PPKS Palm Different, Lonsum and Socfindo

PPKS Palm Different, Lonsum and SocfindoThere are several times Kompasiana readers asked me about what the difference is palm seeds from PPKS (Marihat), from Lonsum and Socfindo origin.

Here I will try to explain it, according to my observations directly in the field and in accordance with the limits of agricultural science that I understand.

Incidentally, I live in an area surrounded by many oil palm plantations. Within a ten kilometer radius, there are PTPN III, and PTPN IV, the origin of PPKS seeds.

There is PT. Kwala Gunung Plantation, origin of PPKS seeds.

PT.Buana Indah Sawit (formerly PT Buana Estate), origin of Wilmar seeds.

PT. Supra Matra Abadi (formerly PT Hapinnish & NV Oriental), from Sinar Mas seeds.

PT.PP London Sumatra Dolok Estate Plantation, origin of Lonsum seeds.

There is also PT Bakrie Sumatera Plantation Tbk (formerly PT.Uniroyal), origin of ASD seed Costa Rica.

Finally, there is PT. Socfindo Perkebunan Fifty, origin Socfin seed.

Of all the above palm plantations, which I think the best general condition of the palm tree is that of PT.Supra Matra Abadi. At least seen from the time of the short track and the relatively long rejuvenation. The level of intact standing tree stand is also the most high, when done rejuvenation. Nearly 90 percent of the trees still stand firm and healthy.

Investigate a calibaration, it is indeed this company is the best treatment techniques. One example is, they do spraying at night (until early morning) to overcome the problem of caterpillar attack. While other companies only spray in the afternoon until ten at night only. Fertilization is also done more intensively.In addition, PT.SMA also channeled its PKS liquid waste into the plantation field, using a pipeline system and dispersed with a fish bone trench system, where it is believed to help increase the production of FFB and boost the yield of CPO.

On the other side of the company, especially PTPN, many stands of extinct palm tree are hit by Ganoderma, with variant of stem rot disease. Though the age of the palm tree is still about 10-12 years.

So basically, all the seeds of the official producer's output are on average just as good. The most important thing is the care in the field. As good as any oil palm seeds planted, if the treatment is only modest, then do not dream can get good results.


Some time ago, PPKS palm seed producers there released a new type of palm seed varieties, labeled Marihat Klon (MK). The seeds developed with the plasma clone system are claimed to provide TBS and CPO production that is 20-30 percent higher than conventional seed seeds. But the results can not we observe, because there is no oil palm plantations in our area who planted it.

Just info, PPKS release seed MK is worth Rp.13.500 / principal for 3 month old palm seed (baby palm, mini polibag), and Rp.40.000 / principal for seeds ready to plant age 7-9 months. This price is obviously far above the price of seed from the seed product of the same hatchery company, which is Rp.10.500 and Rp26.000.

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