(President) Jokowi and Future of Forestry

Jokowi has been mandated by Megawati Soekarnoputri to step forward as the presidential candidate of PDI-P. If referring to the opinion of political observers also see the trend of survey results lately, Jokowi opportunity to win in the upcoming Presidential election is large enough. Jokowi always managed to occupy the top position beat the candidates of the other party.

So it becomes interesting if now we have started trying to guess what the agenda or work program that will be implemented if Jokowi really elected President. When the Mayor of Solo, Jokowi focus is to make the small town into a modern city that is known to foreign countries but still carrying local traditions. When elected as Governor of DKI Jakarta, his commitment with Ahok is to realize Jakarta New Jakarta as the capital of a more humanist and civilized state as the state of Indonesia. Then for the national scop, what things will be the attention of Jokowi ?.

One of the most sought-after policy programs is in the forestry sector. As an alumnus of the Forestry Faculty, will Jokowi have a great attention to the development agenda in this sector ?. Is Jokowi going to make it as one of the important focus in his government cabinet? Is Jokowi intense following the following developments of the problems that exist in the forestry sector ?.

We assume Jokowi is familiar with this data and facts. First, two thirds of Indonesia's landmass or equal to 131.28 million hectares is a forest area that holds the potential of natural wealth is truly remarkable. Secondly, there are about 30,000 villages located in and around the forest area. That is, if on average one village has a population of 1,000, then there are about 30 million people. Third, the Guinness Book of World Record once noted that the rate of forest degradation and deforestation in Indonesia is among the fastest in the world. Fourth, the state revenue from the forestry sector is still not optimal. On the other hand, the fifth issue and crime in the forestry sector (land conflicts, corruption, bribery, tax crimes, forest burning, illegal logging and other crimes) continue to occur and result in substantial state losses. And many other issues.

Let's wait, if Jokowi really elected president, what can be done soon. Hope is obviously still there and it's not solely because of Jokowi's educational background. We can be optimistic and hope because it has seen his leadership style that does not want to sit still waiting for the report, otherwise diligent and alert to go to the field to see directly the conditions and problems that exist. Jokowi also never hesitate when going to decide or take a policy that has really believed he can solve the problem. Considerable attention in saving the environment, its commitment is clear and firm against the eradication of corruption. Then, his sincerity and empathy toward the poor, the weak, and the marginalized. With such characters, we should expect there will be renewals, especially in the forestry sector in the future. Hopefully.

Jambi, March 17, 2014

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