Pretending to be a Heavy Trump Fan on Online Sites, Macedonian Youth Can Reach Hundreds of Million

Pretending to beIn the digital age where all information can be accessed with one push button like now, the information flow is almost impossible to control. Thus it is very difficult to distinguish between fact-based news and its contents of mere gibberish. Often popular news or viral though, later proved to be just a hoax. For those who are less vigilant, it is certainly not infrequently eaten lie online to consider it as a reality.

More and more parties are taking advantage of this viral information trend for financial gain alone. As the recent events unfold in coverage surrounding the controversy of fansite or the website of US President Chosen fans, Donald Trump. The American public and international media are in awe of knowing that the majority of Trump's fansite is not from within the United States, but the city of Veles in Macedonia. How come Trump fans to headquarters in the European Balkan country everything? Apparently the manager of Trump fanside site in Macedonia is not a real fan, but just a group of teens looking for money.

They constantly release viral news content about Trump, regardless of whether the news is true or not

Departure from the curiosity of whoever Donald Trump supporters, found surprising facts. Apparently most of his hard-line fan websites are headquartered from a small town in Europe

It is interesting that the famous sites that discuss American politics, it turns out most of the controversial sites that his follower many were actually registered outside the United States. A total of 150 domains are registered with addresses in the town of Veles a small town in Macedonia with a population of just 44,000. Of the many domains, almost all of them spread the word about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Two presidential candidates of American superpowers. As TheGuardian reports, most of the news produced by these sites is news stories that support Trump.

Uniquely the owners of these domains precisely the status is still a teenager. In fact most of them are high school students and students. They wrap the news in a bombastic and appalling way. Seasoned with clickable titles. And voila! Money goes to their personal accounts.

Utilizing the political turmoil of America, they write shocking news with the aim of seeking financial gain. You'll be surprised at their income

Yes, spice the title of excited and clickbaity is indeed powerful to bring the reader. Titles such as Pope Francis forbid Catholics to choose Hillary until they are given the suffix SHARE IF YOU CARE WITH BLA bla bla becomes the mainstay of these sites in search of the masses.

Through Facebook media, the spread of sites containing news without this fact mushroomed quickly. Counting, they can get 1,000,000 readers each month. From managing the controversial site, teenagers who are still not finished this school can get money up to hundreds of millions of Rupiah. A fantastic nominal considering their age is still young and the average opinion of the country in Macedonia is only 5 million Rupiah per month.

Asked about whether they were worried or not with the impact that would be generated, this is their answer

Using unfounded facts to make a profit, obviously the effects can be very worrying. Even because of these sites and news, Facebook is accused of contributing to the election of Trump as US President. But when asked about whether they are worried about the impact, this is their answerThe teenagers in our town do not care about the choice of Americans. What we think here is how to get money and buy expensive clothes, Goran Quoted from the BBC.

An answer that tightens in the chest. For the sake of self-interest, they do not hesitate to feed other citizens with false news whose data and facts are drawn from their own imagination. The teenagers who are still in school are indifferent to the realities and conditions of the world. As long as they can live happy, the chaotic world is none of their business. Sad to hear the answers of young people who are so blind because of the treasure.

But the behavior of these teenagers in Macedonia seems to be the result of world education that is too reference to the material. The world is divided into rich or poor, yes it is a reflection of the world today

At least we must also look in the mirror, such events occur because the world is moving in that direction. There is no way the hoax news will appear and become popular if no one reads. The fact that Veles teenagers can scoop hundreds of millions of Rupiah from spreading false news, showing that the world is in a state of chaos. Perhaps because the world is crazy, too, a controversial figure like Trump can sit on top of world leadership.

Right or wrong is no longer important in this world order. The rich will be seen as the winners. Therefore the teenagers in the city of Veles do not care about the facts and are just looking for financial benefits only. Sad to see it. From these facts, it could be our world will be filled with hoax news for the benefit of an instant way. So it is not enough for us to carefully before buying, we must be careful and thorough when reading the news that milling about on the internet.

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