Prevent Child Diarrhea With Food

Prevent Child Diarrhea With Food

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Diarrhea is derived from the English diarrhea, is a disease in which the yinja or feces turns into a soft or liquid that usually occurs at least three times in 24 hours. Diarrhea can be a common disease and not dangerous, but if it is left it will be a dangerous disease (especially in children under 1 year of age). Therefore, you should watch out for children and family members not to experience the disease.

Diarrhea disease can be prevented through various things, including:

Improve environmental sanitation
Availability of clean water. If you want more safe, preferably mineral water consumption.
Keep baby food clean.
Always keep your hands clean.

The balance of water in the body of your baby also needs to be maintained, because if the water balance in the body is not smepurna, then the body's defenses can not work optimally. Thus, the body needs to consume many minerals and vitamins. Many minerals and vitamins are found in fruits and vegetables.

Various minerals are instrumental in maintaining the balance of water in the body, such as potassium, in collaboration with phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium, iron, flour and silicon. These minerals simultaneously cooperate in maintaining the water balance in the body so that it has the power to destroy the worms, bacteria, and viruses that enter the body.

Provide a complete diet of nutritional content, which is important for your son. Here is a good food prepared for your child to be free from diarrhea:

Morning Menu:
Potato and beef stewed soup, plus milk.

At 10.00:
Smooth green beans, and apple juice.

Lunch Menu:
Salted pudding, oatmeal chicken contents, soft vegetable soup, bananas.

4 o'clock:

Skotel noodles or maraconi skotel, soft red bean soup, papaya.That is the food menu that you can serve to prevent diarrhea in children. Do not let your regrets because the child has diarrhea, better prevent than cure. Hopefully the article is useful for you.

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