Prevent forest fires, 59 tons of salt dispersed in Riau weather modification

Prevent forest fires,

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Task Force (Satgas) of Riau Forest and Land Fire Emergency Standby has spread as much as 59.64 tons of salt as an effort to modify the rain-forming weather for fire prevention and prevention.

"Total salt is distributed to 59.64 tons of salt today, while the remaining 15.48 tons of salt," said Task Air Team member Major Ferry Duwantoro in Pekanbaru, Sunday (25/9).

The program of weather modification team (TMC) conducted by BPPT together with Satgas in Riau began in mid-July 2016. TMC operation is using Cassa 212 aircraft assistance National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

The aircraft capable of carrying a ton of salt targeting the cumulus clouds at an altitude of 9,000 to 12,000 feet continues to operate almost daily to form artificial rain to prevent and cope with the karhutla disaster.

Some areas that have been sowed salt that is the coastal areas of Riau such as Bengkalis, Dumai, Rokan Hilir, and Siak. Then salt seeding is also done in the sky Pelalawan, Kampar, and Indragiri Hilir.

As was done Sunday, Ferry said the plane sowed 800 kilograms of salt targeting the sky area of ??Bengkalis and Siak Regency at an altitude of 9,500-10,000 feet after the discovery of cumulus cloud cells.

Since the beginning of September 2016, Karhutla condition tends to decline after most of Riau continues to rain. This is due to the weather that continues to improve and weather modification efforts continue to be done.

Meanwhile, in addition to relying on artificial rain, the Task Force was also strengthened with a number of fleets such as 2 units of MI-8, 1 unit of MI-171 helicopters, 1 unit of Sikorsky helicopters, 1 unit of Bolkow 105 helicopters, and two Air Tractor aircraft units. The entire fleet was used for water bombing.

Data collected from the emergency prepared emergency task force, Karhutla that occurred almost uniformly in Riau since January 2016 until now has burned about 3,743 hectares. Meanwhile, so far the Riau Police has set 94 suspects in Karhutla case including two corporations, PT WSSI and PT SSP.

Riau Provincial Government has previously extended the emergency status of forest and land fire prevention within six months or from June to 30 November 2016.

The commander of Riau Forest and Land Fire Task Force Brig. Gen. Nurendi said the extension of the status was in an effort to maximize the prevention of karhutla countermeasures because every year continues to happen especially in the last 18 years.[and]

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