Prevent global warming, the TNI Commander invites the manufacture of biopore holes

Prevent global warming,

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TNI Commander General Moeldoko was accompanied by four Chiefs of Staff of each generation, and the staff of the Ministry of the Environment and elements of society, declared the TNI movement of millions of Biopori Rescue Hole (LRB) in Gor Ahmad Yani, TNI Headquarters, Cilangkap, East Jakarta.

According to Moeldoko, the creation of LRB within the TNI is one of the efforts to conserve lands as well as examples of making LRBs throughout Indonesia, especially within the TNI.

This effort is considered Moeldoko very beneficial for the environment, greening and agriculture because the life and activity of microorganisms make the soil becomes loose and fertile.

"We all understand that global warming is an extraordinary issue that can not be ignored, everyone understands but not many of us are doing something to anticipate global warning issues," Moeldoko said in his speech on Wednesday (23/9) .

Moeldoko explained that the declaration was proven by the TNI since August 2014 has made as many as 10,311,981 LRB on the land of TNI, where previously targeted only about 3 million LRB.

"The production of LRB starts in early August 2014 with a target of 3,110,000 LRB, but to date 10,311,981 LRB has been achieved," Moeldoko said firmly.

Moeldoko continues, presently with one biopore hole will provide an environment for the salvation of mankind. Not to forget this 4 star General also gives appreciation to the soldiers and elements of society that support the making of the LRB.

"Something very meaningful and give new hope, believe me what we do has given something strategic.Hopefully we do is always continuous, does not mean tomorrow forgotten," he explained.

According to Moeldoko, this activity is a series of social activities in commemorating the 69th anniversary of the TNI with the theme of 'Bersama TNI Lingkungan Sehat Rakyat Sejahtera' held simultaneously throughout Indonesia.

"The most units that make LRB are Kodam III Siliwangi as much as 1.346.000, Kodam VII Wirabhuana 1.304.190 LRB, Koopsau II Makassar 1.061.841 LRB, Kodam IX Udayana 1.046.415 LRB, Kodam I Bukit Barisan 999.900 LRB and Kodam IV Diponegoro 957.409 LRB, "he added. [tyo]

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