Prevent karhutla, South Sumatra place 8 water loggers

Prevent karhutla, South Sumatra place 8 water loggers

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Do not want the forest fire and land (karhutla) severe as in 2015 and then re-occur, the province of South Sumatra put water logger (measurement of water debit) in vulnerable areas. The construction of canals on peatland is also being built to facilitate blackouts.

Special Staff of South Sumatera Governor Climate Change Division, Najib Asmani said that the water logger was placed in Ogan Komering Ilir and Musi Banyuasin districts each with four points. These two districts are the most affected areas.

"It has been installed, then it can be added as needed," said Najib during Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Integrated Management of Peat Land through 3R approach (Hydrological Restoration, Revegetation, Livelihood Revitalization Society) in Palembang, Friday (24/2).

In addition, he said, it also has installed a camera fire and waterproof monitors. Water loggers and monitoring cameras are connected to satellites so quickly known if there is a fire somewhere.

"The private sector will be invited to install a monitoring camera from which the fire can be quickly tracked and handled," he said.

Government efforts, he said, are not enough without the role of plantation and forestry companies. The company must build canals to accommodate the end in the peatlands.

"This year, there are 1,500 channels that are targeted, we prioritize them in a number of karhutla-prone areas," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the South Sumatra Watershed Forum, Syafrul Yunardi said, peat land fires that occurred since the last dozen years due to not pay attention to the hydrological order. This requires the government, NGOs, law enforcement and corporations to optimally repair peatlands.

"Basically, the management of burned peatlands in the past must be balanced that leads to the cultivation, conservation, and socio-economic of local communities," he concluded.


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