Prevent Natural Female Whitish Disease II

Prevent Natural Female Whitish Disease II

Image source: – Ladies, as mentioned in the previous article, the easiest way to prevent the coming of whitish diseases of women is to maintain the balance of flora in femininity. Well, the good bacteria and fungi that are incorporated as this flora can live in harmony with you when the pH of femininity is also balanced.

To keep your pH balanced, the key is never to let your intimate area be in too dry or too humid conditions. Well, the last article has explained to you not to wash the feminine often because it can make it too dry. This time, you are also advised not to wash the area with douching techniques, or spray water into the intimate area.

This is very dangerous Ladies, because in addition to causing drought, the water that is sprayed into Miss V will actually bring evil germs come into the deep into the burrow. Avoid also washing Miss V from the back to the front, because the bacteria from the rectum can also be dragged into Miss V and cause various disorders, ranging from vaginal discharge to urinary tract infection.

Washing Miss V is done once a day. If your Miss V is sensitive enough,, uk advises you not to add antiseptic, bath oil, bubble bath, fragrant soap, and the like into your bathtub.

Also, do not wash your underwear with a strong detergent, because it can also affect your level of female base when worn. Change your panties when it starts to feel moist Ladies yes, so the bacteria do not grow too fertile and cause whiteness. So, do not mess with your feminine, yes. May be useful.

By: Adienda Dewi S.
(vem / ver)

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