Print Generation Literacy, Build Reading Habits Early

Print Generation Literacy, Build Reading Habits Early

Image source: – Ladies, try to remember when you last read the book? Of course not many people are willing to take the time to read the book. Though there is a saying that the book is the window of the world.

This is why the issue of reading interest and literacy level in Indonesia is so low. To deal with it, it is not just the Central Government that should be responsible for solving this problem.

The synergy between many parties, both government, community groups and companies must take concrete steps in increasing reading interest and the level of Indonesian literacy for better generations in the future.

To improve the reading interest of the community, especially children, Arya Noble established a World Window Reader Park specifically for marginalized communities so that they can prepare themselves for higher education and skills.

Not only as a place to read, but the World Window Reader Park is also designed with literacy-related creative programs to encourage children to read books and understand literacy.

We know that literacy is not just reading, writing and counting (calistung), but there are standards in its implementation, said Andreas Bayu Aji, Chief Corporate Services Officer Arya Noble.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), there are six basic literatures that must be mastered by all of us, from literacy, numeracy literacy, financial literacy, science literacy, cultural literacy and citizenship and information technology literacy and communication or digital literacy.

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The six basic literations we want to develop in the World Window Reading Park. For the first step, we should start from improving reading interest of children first, then developed with creative literacy programs that we design together with the Reader Park Innovator in the World Window Reading Park.

Yessi Chandra, Chairman of the Foundation for Reader Innovator Park, said basically, Indonesian children have tremendous potential for reading and literacy, but not yet well developed. Especially now the internet access and mobile phone is very easy, the interest of children has shifted from book to mobile phone.

Its function is how to align and increase reading interest & literacy of children compared with surfing the internet. Creative programs related to literacy are also developed periodically to the measurement of children literacy improvement such as reading ability assessment, writing ability, number of books read and understanding of the material read and linguistic abilities (rich language) we also do, he said . So everything is measurable and done sustainably (sustainable).Taman Baca Jendela Dunia is located inside the Pasir Sari 02 State Elementary School, located in Cikarang, Bekasi. Elementary School Pasir Sari 02 is a public school established since 1985 for children around the poor and needy in Cikarang, Bekasi.

With the presence of the World Window Reader Park at the State Elementary School Pasir Sari 02 is expected to create a new spirit for children to continue school by enjoying quality books available.

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