Propan Real Action Save the Planet

Propan Real Action Save the Planet

Image source:, Jakarta Tagline "Go to Waterbased, Save The Planet" is echoed PT Propan Raya bikan just a figment. Through its new factory inaugurated on this day. 5 Septeber 2017. PT Propan Raya wants to show its commitment as an environmentally friendly paint company Indonesia.

The issue of global warming is happening more and more real and ready to threaten the lives of all of us. A number of evidence related to global warming hazard has been seen and felt by us all, such as the temperature of the heating earth, rising sea levels, extreme weather changes, seasonal shifts, unclean air quality, and much more. If left unchecked, the earth and its contents can perish in an instant.

Recognizing the dangers of global warming, PT Propan Raya launched one of the real actions to save the earth. Through its new subsidiary, PT Propan Dekorindo Raya, PT Propan Raya launched a water-based environmentally friendly paint factory located at Jalan Gatot Subroto Km.9, Tangerang.

Founder and President Director of PT Propan Raya, DR. Hendra Adidarma Dipl. Chemiker, admitted that water-based paint (water based) is more environmentally friendly than solvent-based paint. In addition to not environmentally friendly, solvent based paint also smells stingy and has a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that is harmful to both the body and the environment. By switching to water-based paint, solvent emissions that are harmful to humans and the environment can be suppressed.

"It is our duty and responsibility to create an eco-friendly paint product, of good quality, and in accordance with international standards," said Hendra Adidarma, who completed his studies as a chemist at a German university. The opening of this environmentally friendly paint factory is also a form of support from PT Propan Raya against the government regulation that launched the program "Go Green".

Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto, deeply appreciates what PT Propan Raya does.

"This is a breath of fresh air and something positive amid the very recent global warming issue.We deeply appreciate what PT Propan Raya is doing, especially as it is in line with government programs related to" GO Green ". barometers for other paint companies, or companies outside the paint industry, to switch to environmentally friendly production, "he said.

The new plant will be operated with the latest technological and up-to-date machines called Rapid Production System (RPS) from Germany.

"This technology is the only technology available in Asia Pacific," said Kris Rianto Adidarma, CEO of PT Propan Raya. "With this technology the entire production process to finished goods will be more environmentally friendly." He also explained that there are only three factories that use RPS technology: two factories in Germany and one factory in Indonesia, which belongs to PT Propan Raya.

The advantages of this RPS technology include a very fast production, which is 25 tons per batch within 4 hours, the products are consistent and stable, the use of human resources is small, flexible, and space saving.

"The new plant is scheduled to produce water based paint to an installed capacity of 100,000 tons per year, thus we have three factories with a capacity of 200,000 tons per year," said Rianto Adidarma.Some of PT Propan Raya products to be produced in this factory include Decorshield, Decorcryl, Decorlotus, Eco Emulsion, Ecoshield, Cheers, Ultraproof, Aqua Syntetic Enamel Gofast A-1000, AMrine PAINT, Metal Protective Coating, Polymer Flooring, Waterproofing, Multipurpose Acrylux , Waterbased Wood Finishing For IKEA, and many more.

With this change, hopefully our earth is more environmentally friendly. "Go to Waterbased, Save The Planet" !.


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