Quite 665 Thousand SA, 3 Lights Can Be On Every Night of The Year

Quite 665 Thousand SA, 3 Lights Can Be On Every Night of The Year

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This paper is dedicated to the people of Sumba, NTT

Generally Solar Panel Installation is identical with the addition of inverter installation which serves to convert the dc current into ac because the load is ac as ac 220 Volt lamps, Adapter for HP charger until other electronic equipment such as radio and television.

The use of Inverter as a dc current converter into ac does make installation of solar panels simpler where the use of accu cable is only enough installed between Accu and the next inverter installation is done just like the ordinary PLN power supply installation. But from experience, the use of Inverter is actually a separate load for the battery itself that makes the power stored on the batteries quickly run out because of the efficiency factor (loss-loss power) of the inverter itself is also due to a blower in the inverter that functioned as a coolant that helped becomes the burden of batteries for storing power from charging by solar panels that make the number of batteries and solar panels to be installed must be carefully calculated including weather factors. PT. LEN Industri Bandung as one of the solar panel manufacturers and installers will usually calculate the number of solar panels 3 (three) times with the assumption of effective solar irradiation 4 hours / day.

Expensive and complicated installation of solar panels make most of Indonesian people, especially in rural areas, in remote areas and left behind reluctant to install solar panels at home yet difficult to find accessories such as solar installation, solar panel regulator, inverter, cable accu, (crimping tool), there's nothing the shop that sells it there !.

DC lamps, Solar Panel Solar cheap solution

The presence of DC / LED lights brings fresh air to rural, remote, underdeveloped and remote communities who have not received PLN's electricity supply, for example in the Sumba area of ??East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province, with the presence of DC / LED lights in Sumba enjoying electricity at cheaper prices and enjoying brighter lights compared to TL solar cells donated by the Government of Indonesia through PT.LEN Industry Bandung which is mostly installed in small islands in the area of ??Nusa North such as in Kakorotan Island, Kawaluso and Pulau Batuwingkung or SEHEN (Super Extra Energy Saving) lamp provided by PLN in NTT Region.

The presence of DC 2U lamps and LED lights and the decline in the price of solar panels in the last 4 years provides fresh air for rural communities who have not received PLN's power supply including people in urban areas who want free electricity, the article if just lights, install more simple, without using the inverter and the power stored on the batteries can be more durable.

From the results of trials conducted in the village of Sekodi Bengkalis early in October 2012 with Young Teachers of the Indonesian Foundation Mengajar Muh.Asnoer Laagu @Asnoer, motorcycle accu capacity 12V 7AH can be used to turn on 3 pieces DC lamp @ 9 Watts for 3 nights (27 Watt DC for 36 Hours) at the Teachers' Office of SDN 37 Ujung Sekodi Bengkalis, Riau made Young Teachers graduated from Surabaya State Electronic Polytechnic ITS to be more enthusiastic to serve in the oldest village in Ujung Sekodi Bengkalis, Riau (https://ow.ly/UvyD4) .

The test results in Sekodi Bengkalis were realized in Rote Ndao with the installation of 3 DC 9 Watt lamps and Accu Maintenance Free 40 AH and 20 Wp (watt peak) solar panels including cabling in one of the parents' houses of SDN Oenitas in Oenitas Village, Rote Barat Subdistrict when it has not get the SEHEN lamp from PLN Rote Ndao. From the calculations, with 20 Wp solar panel capacity is supported Accu 40 AH is intended for energy storage media so as not to get empty that allows the system to run without any human intervention anymore.

For the Sumba community, the 20 Wp Solar Panel with charging current of 1.17 Ampere DC per hour with the assumption of effective irradiation for 6 hours will store power on the batteries of 7.02 AH or simply use motorcycle accu (12 V DC 7AH) which can be used to turn on 3 DC / LED @ 9 Watt lamps for 3 consecutive nights or at 2.34 AH per night, the rest of 4.68 AH can be used to charge the communication device (HP) or powerbank.

If calculated based on current price estimates, the installation of solar panels for lighting needs (lamps) with these specifications will cost about Rp. 665.000, – (six hundred sixty five thousand rupiah) including HP charge from Accu which is also needed by the people in Rural, it does not include postage, with details:1 Unit Solar Panel 20 Wp Rp. 290.000, –

1 Unit Accu 12V 7AH Rp. 200.000, –

3 pieces dc lamp 9 Watt Rp. 84.000, –

1 unit of HP Chas from Accu Rp. 25.000, –

3 pieces of lampholders Rp. 15.000, –

1 ls cable, aloe vera Rp. 51.000, –

Total Rp. 665.000, –

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