Rain Only Disguises Your Tangism and Does not Eliminate It

Rain Only Disguises Your Tangism and Does not Eliminate It

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Once a time when I was on my way home to work. The rain came unexpectedly. So hard, so hard. Strong winds accompanied behind, even lightning struck lightning. Not wanting to challenge the charcoal, I decided to take shelter. In a storefront with some people who also fared the same. Not that I did not bring a raincoat, just shudder in case lightning struck it.

Long before the rain had not stopped crying. A cigarette I turn on hopes the cold will no longer alight. With the same atmosphere; trapped in the middle of the road, sheltering in the pavement, with a woman. The difference, once the woman was affection but now somewhere, who, what did you do last night ~

Skip! Skip !! Ngaco -..- "

The rain was a friend, she said, raising her slim face to the sky, allowing the rain to caress her intimate face. I remember standing right beside him with umbrellas and other umbrellas for him, unfortunately he chose drenched in the rain that afternoon. You better go home now. Your body is shivering so. Later sick, just a smile she threw in answer. In fact he is reluctant to move from his place.

In this way at least I can slightly forget the bitter reality of life, his eyes glared a moment and then returned with his activity, Rain. Yeah, it's raining. I believe, he is always able to hug my pain, keep my secret .., he still let the rain wash his expression. But, the rain just disguises your tears instead of erasing them, eventually the sentence can distract him, stop lying to yourself. The pain will continue to exist without being treated, I give him another umbrella, my shoulder is always ready to support your fatigue.

Apparently the rain was tired and began to stop crying. Now the drizzle greeted the friendly people who had waited so long. One by one they started to leave me at the shop patio alone. Withdrawing back in reality. I am convinced again that rain is not the best option for you to spill the whole pain. Drown your pain on the shoulder so ready to wipe out all your complaints.

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