Reason for Ganjar Want to Cut Licensing for Fishermen

Reason for Ganjar Want to Cut Licensing for Fishermen

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REMBANG, – Reflecting from the experience while still a member of the House, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo have a reason to cut licensing for fishermen.

"A fisherman who wants to go to sea must fulfill a very long license," he said at the time when I was in the House of Representatives (DPR), the permit reached 29 items, so I tried to shorten it even though it has been pruned, but it is still a long process. to Rembang regency, today to provide environmentally friendly fishing gear and other assistance such as business capital, insurance and home improvement to fishermen.

According to Ganjar, the length of the licensing process that must be taken by the fishermen further he makes the fishermen difficult. Therefore, he is entitled to deregulation in the fishermen's licensing regulation to make it simpler.

"I want to push it (deregulation) .If the center can not, I will break through," said Ganjar was applauded by thousands of Rembang fishermen.

In addition to simplifying regulations and permits for fishermen, the welfare of the fishermen should also be guaranteed Ganjar. For that, he continued Ganjar continue to intensely communicate with the government, especially the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to continue to provide programs to improve the welfare of the fishermen.

"As is currently done, namely the assistance of venture capital, fishing gear aid, ship assistance to the help of home surgery for fishermen to be more prosperous fishermen life.There is also insurance, so if anything happens later, fisherfolk families are insured," he said.


Bureau of Public Communication Ministry of PUPR Structuring of Tegalsari fishing village by Ministry of PUPR.
Meanwhile, related to the length of licensing of fishermen, Director General of Capture Fisheries Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Syarif Widjaya justify it. According to him, the long process of licensing for fishermen is still a problem.

"The licensing is still long, but we also expect the fishermen's permit to be shortened in order to facilitate the fishermen," he said.

It wants the fishermen process is done like a vehicle service in samsat (office with one roof for integrated service). In the ministry, everything is served one door. The process is very fast to get the required files.

"We want to be as easy as taking care of BPKB and STNK, so the fishermen get all that is needed related to permits easily without going through a long process," said Syarif.Furthermore Syarif added, related to the welfare of the fishermen it has spawn various programs. Among them is a capital loan with an interest rate of 6 percent. The total is Rp 82 billion of capital loan aid given to fishermen.

"We also always provide fishing gear that is environmentally friendly, ship, and home improvement and the environment of the fishermen," he added.

Not only that, it also has invited the fishermen to follow the insurance. It encourages fishermen to follow insurance for safety in working.

"We already encourage all fishermen to be insured," he added. (CENTRAL JAVA CONTRIBUTOR / ANDI KAPRABOWO)

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