Reasons Americans Legalize Married Type Types

Reasons Americans Legalize Married Type Types

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Celebration of independence of the United States July 4, 2015 ago the author said as a victory for the LGBT in the United States. Because June 26 before, the Supreme Court of the United States decided that the American constitution guarantees same-sex marriage. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy was quoted as saying the New York Times said: "They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law, the Constitution grants them that rights. In the second reading of the decision, thousands of LGBT residents across the United States rejoiced, even President Barack Obama said that this decision affirms the belief of American society that they are being treated equally under the law.

They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law, the Constitution grants them that rights – Anthony Kennedy

This decision is certainly very historic considering the United States is the last western country besides Australia which endorses same-sex marriage and applies fully across the state. Whereas the previous two decades, the United States in the mid-1990s, have been very closely covered with the sensitive issue, although other western countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium are open to recognizing same-sex relationships. President Bill Clinton in 1996 passed the Domestic Marriage Act law which clearly states the definition of marriage, a legal union between one man and one women as husband and wife. During President Bill Clinton there was also a policy in the military institution DADT (dont ask dont tell) which forbade any military member to talk about sexual orientation. If there are military personnel who publicly declare that he / she is gay / lesbian then his presence is at high risk of lowering moral standards, discipline, obedience orders and fading of fellow personnel. These two policies actually reflect how the attitude of free continents are very anti with same-sex relationships.

a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife – Bill Clinton

But for some reason just two decades ago, the federal government through the United States Supreme Court broke the two anti-gay policies, changed 180 degrees from the refused and then legally acknowledged. The question is how the puritan and conservative country in view of same-sex marriage changed its course, from the original opposition to this relationship, to receiving in just a decade.

The phenomenon of Same Sex Marriage

The first answer is, the same sex marriage (hereinafter abbreviated as SSM) is a phenomenon. Based on a study conducted by Joseph Chamie and Barry Mirkin found that in western countries there has been awareness of the existence of SSM in the 20th century although not in the form of recognition of the Act. Denmark is the first Western country to recognize SSM. Later, the Netherlands through the civil justice agency was the first country to legalize this marriage in the early 21st century. In the United States alone, California was the first state to recognize SSM in 1999, although later this rule was revoked. Massachusetts legalized in 2004 followed by New York and Washington in 2012. It is said to be a phenomenon because many western countries recognize this type of marriage and this policy have far-reaching effects, including affecting other western countries to do the same. Counting in 2015, Forbes notes that there are 21 countries with national laws that allow same-sex marriages, including Canada, Great Britain, France, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and the Scandinavian countries.

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Influential figures

The second factor that is not less important is the many influential figures who inspire many LGBT people to demand their country recognize SSM relationship. The nearest distance to be taken is the marriage of Prime Minister Luxemburg Xavier Bettel and Gauthier Destenay in May 2015 who gained wide attention both from friendly countries and from the media. The wedding was even highlighted by TV cameras like William and Kate's wedding. Not to mention the open acknowledgment of Apple CEO Tim Cook who said I am proud to be gay that was launched by Bloomberg Businessweek in October 2014. The New York Times said Tim Cook's confession is very illuminates aka enlightening. These powerful figures actually help many ordinary people to be open.

The Role of MediaFinally, the role of the media is very important in shaping the mainstream of opinions about the validity of SSM. TV series in western countries in general and the United States in particular have begun to introduce the same type of sexual relationships as a natural thing. Ranging from Sex and The City to Game of Thrones, the public is perceived on those impressions to accept the existence of same-sex relationships. Not inferior to the television media, print media also helped promote SSM. Since 2004, when Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriages, the New York Times daily wedding column routinely shows homosexual couples married to other heterosexual couples. Designer Joseph Altuzarra's wedding with Seth Weismen is an example of how the media strongly supports this couple's marriage. The wedding was included in the New York Times wedding column, the fashion magazine Vogue also aired these two-person wedding photos.

For the author, the third factor is the most dominant factor that causes the shift in the perspective of society in the United States. Citing the agenda setting theory, media with appropriate framing and priming are able to make a lot of coverage and impressions that are slowly changing people's perspectives. The media is the sole player in reporting on marriage events both Bettel-Destanay, and Altuzarra-Weisman. The media is also the one that heralds the enlightening acknowledgment of Tim Cook. The media also recounts the massacre of Matthew Sephard by two of his schoolmates who died on a wooden fence just because he was gay. This coverage has generated enormous sympathy in American society to the rise of the Matthew Shephard Act in 2009 which is a protective law against gays of hate crime targets.

Before the Supreme Court guarantees constitutionally same-sex marriage. The media has already made a victory for SSM supporters. In a CNN poll of 2010 it said that 52 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage, 46 percent refuse and 2 percent abstain. LGBT victory is none other than media victory.

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