Reasons Probiotic Content In Skin Care Many Tune

Reasons Probiotic Content In Skin Care Many Tune

Image source: – Has anyone ever tried a kefir mask? In recent years, this product is popular and popular with many people because it is considered effective in treating skin health. Kefir is a probiotic skin care product made from cow's milk fermentation, goat, or sheep. The shape is really similar to yoghurt drink, it's just the content of probiotics (good bacteria) found in kefir much more. As you may know, probiotics is a term used for good bacteria that can provide positive benefits to other organisms. In addition to the body's digestive system, probiotics apparently also good for treating the skin so that the brand of skin care brands began to use the probotik as the main ingredient.

Because of the many benefits that are owned, probiotic skin care was eventually a trend. In fact, most women start switching and applying probiotic-containing products to their daily skin care rituals. Curious why does skincare contain probiotics much-loved people? Here's why!

Overcoming Acne and Allergies In Skin

One of the reasons why many women switch to using probiotic skin care is because of their ability to deal with acne. This is also evidenced by Dr. Whitney Bowe, one of New York's dermatologist dermatologist who is often a celebrity subscription. According to him, skin care contain probiotics can produce antimicrobial peptides (natural antibiotics) are able to combat the bad bacteria cause acne. In addition, the content of probiotics is also a good anti-inflammatory substances to overcome inflammation and various skin problems, such as eczema and rosacea.

Able to Brighten Skin Face

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Not only able to remove toxins in the skin, the content of probiotics was also able to reduce various problems of hyperpigmentation caused by external destructive factors. For example, exposure to sunlight, dust, and also pollution. In addition, good bacteria found in probiotic skin care can also brighten the face by lifting the pile of dead skin cells.

Prevent the Problem of Premature Aging

In addition to able to overcome acne, anti-inflammatory substances contained in probiotic skin care contained also can prevent premature aging. In addition, probiotics are also rich in good anti-oxidants to reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots due to lifestyle and adverse environmental influences. Interestingly again, the routine use of skin care contain probiotics can also improve immunity and maintain skin elasticity naturally.

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