Reasons Why You Should Use Android Compared to iOS

Reasons Why You Should Use Android Compared to iOS

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Since it was first released in 2007, Android is slowly beginning to subvert many platforms and smartphone vendors who do not use it. Call it the Nokia that fell until then purchased by Microsoft, and even BlackBerry is now using the Android operating system on BlackBerry Priv.

Everyday, you definitely find more people using Android smartphones while in public or work environment and campus. This is certainly not without reason. This is the reason why you should use Android.

Reasons Why Must Use Android

The increasing number of vendors who adapt Android, as well as more and more who use Android is certainly not without reason. A strong reason to use Android is definitely behind it.

1. Open

Android is one of the open source operating system or open. Open source code and licensing licenses on Android allow software to be freely modified and distributed by device makers, wireless carriers and app developers. This is what makes Android much adapted by the vendors. In contrast to closed and exclusive iOS for Apple's only products.

2. Many Options Devices

Because many adapted vendors, then the choice of devices that use the Android operating system was more and more. Android provides a variety of options for you; there are smartphones, phablets and tablets to support communication to your productivity. Even now Android has begun to be applied on PC via Remix OS. If you want to try Remix OS on your PC, read How To Install Remix OS To Use Android on PC.

Smartphones developed with the Android operating system also experienced rapid progress. Not only in terms of diverse designs, but also the latest screen technology such as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, up to 4 GB of RAM like that carried Zenfone 2, camera technology continues to grow, to a competitive security technology. Of course this becomes a plus for you to choose which device that suits your needs.

Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML

Rp 3.099.000Specifications Compare
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3. More Diverse Application Ecosystem

Thanks to Android using open source system, making it easier for application developers to create applications. In 2014 alone, the number of apps coming into the Play Store has reached 1.4 million apps. Is not it amazing? Impact, you are using Android smartphone so much easier because many applications that can be tried and selected.

For apps that do not pass the Google Play Store curation, you can still get the apk file of the app in another app store or in a discussion forum. Rats also provide many interesting applications that are not available in the Play Store.

Even without knowing any basic coding, you can create your own Android app. Want to try to create your own Android app? Try reading the article How to Make Android Applications Without Coding and How to Make Your Own Android Chatting App.

4. More Customizable

Because it brings open source system, then Android is easy to modify or dioprek. Not just modified by the vendor or developer, but by the user. By opening root access, users even become more free ngoprek Android to the various parts of the system that is locked by the vendor. You can even replace ROM brought by an Android smartphone with another ROM using Custom ROM. This will not be found on iOS deh!

Without any root access you can give a lot of customization touches on your Android device. Many options launcher that will make your own Android run lighter and stable to replace the vendor's default launcher. Launcher also you can use to make your Android more personal. You can change the look of Android to iPhone, to make Android like the look of old school Nokia.

5. Price is More Friendly

Compared to devices using the iOS operating system, devices using the Android operating system have a much cheaper price range. In a survey conducted by Statista in 2013, seen the difference in price range between Android devices with iOS adrift on average USD 350.

By spending only Rp 3 million, you can get Android smartphone with 3 GB RAM like Axioo Venge X, or Asus Zenfone 2 with 4 GB RAM. While with the price of 10 million, you will only get an iOS smartphone with 2 GB of RAM. Other specifications can be spelled out more than the iPhone Android.Axioo Venge X

Rp 3.300.000

Specifications Compare
GadgetSpec by

6. MicroSD support

Lately, many vendors are selling Android smartphones without a MicroSD slot or memory card. And must Jaka admit, you also must admit it, that it becomes a minus value for the smartphone. How not, to get wider storage space, you have to pay a higher cost. Meanwhile, if there is a MicroSD slot, you can add the memory with a cheaper price and easy. Only a handful of Android smartphone vendors are removing MicroSD support, while iOS devices have certainly not been using MicroSD slot. So, mending select Android right? Especially for you who really want to download new applications and games.

Well, that's 6 reasons why you should choose Android than IOS. Agree?

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