Reflect on Disaster .. Stop! Bad attitude.

Reflect on Disaster .. Stop! Bad attitude.Listening to the current news, about bad man behavior around (society and nature): deliberate / conscious; KKN, Sadism, Brutalism, Indispliner, Amoral and many more. We are sorry. Nature behavior that is difficult to detect / realize; disasters and calamities; Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Drought and Mount Merapi activities, this is the proof of the power of God to remind his creatures that, from all disasters / disasters contained warnings or wisdom that can be picked that we must tidy / change toward more benefits for the survival of the creature and sustainability nature and its contents. Disasters from nature: like the eruption of Mount Merapi, with human reasoning can reduce the strength / power of eruption, but will never be able to any science predict when volcanoes will erupt. Similarly, warnings will have an earthquake and tsunami, but will never know when it will come. Remember! not all calamities and disasters are punishment, because behind God's plan there is a better hope for us … YAKINLAH ..! Human disasters: bad man behavior around (fellow and natural), more dangerous from natural disasters, this will have a direct impact on those who do not know (do not do / do), namely:

illegal logging (plantation clearing) can lead to the flood (misery) of innocent villages around the village.
the behavior of KKN makes the socio-economic inequality, the rich the more prosperous, the poor remain unemployed.
littering, lazy greening (planting trees) can lead to flooding as well as damaging the ozone layer resulting in excessive geothermal.
So realize from now on, that our bad behavior will torment those who are not involved (innocent). STOP !!! Poor and deliberate misbehavior.

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