Rejected Continue in Indonesia, Student Research Jogja This Even Seen Direct by Google

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Surrender is the biggest mistake in life. Cristopher, student of SMAN 8 Yogyakarta.

Although when talking about technology, Indonesia is still inferior to most developed countries out there, but the achievements of the nation's children in the field does not seem to be underestimated. Call it the findings of electric cars students Vocational High School (SMK). Or ITB student who made innovative invention in the form of portable incubator for baby mobilization in disaster area. They are just a handful of many Indonesian children who have amazing works.

Unfortunately, not all achieving children in Indonesia received a good response and appreciation from the government. One of them is a student of SMA Negeri 8 Yogyakarta, Cristopher Farrel Millenio Kusuma. Her passion for the IT world took Cristopher to fly to California US, to visit Google headquarters after receiving a direct invitation from the technology giant. Unfortunately, Cristopher must go through a bitter experience rejected 11 times in various competitions in Indonesia first nih. Read more with Hipwee News & Feature first yuk.

The results will not betray the effort. Perhaps it's a decent adage that represents Christopher's life experience

Although still in high school, the ability of Cristopher in the field of technology does not seem to be underestimated. His achievements are already myriad. One of his success won the gold medal in the 2017 Belgian Research Competition held on 16-18 November yesterday at the Campus of Indonesia International Institute for Science Life, Jakarta. In the competition, Cristopher carry the title Reversed Genetic Algorithm for Extreme Lossless Data Compression. In essence he found a genetic algorithm that works inversely to compress data without compromising the quality of the original data. This is useful when someone will download a large file but its internet quota is limited.

But no one thought that who finally raised his name precisely research that is not recognized and rejected many times in Indonesia. After prolonged rejection 11 times in various competitions or competitions in Indonesia since 2016, Christopher idea actually managed to steal the attention of Google you know! Yes, Google. The giant company in IT. Although bitterly rejected in their own country, Christopher thought actually appreciated by an international company for Google. Fortunately, this student is unyielding

Iseng sent his research to Google, eh was accepted. He did not expect his proposal received a good response from Google

It all started when Cristopher fun sending his research proposal to Google via email. His research is about Data Compression Using EG and Neural Network Alghorithm for Lossless Data. Christopher uses artificial neural methods that are used to find patterns on the data under study. Unexpectedly, Google replied to his email by giving an invitation to come directly to the Google office in the US. He also flew to Mountain View, California to present his ideas directly to top Google officials.

Coming home from the US, Cristopher recounted the experience he had gained over there

There are so many things Cristopher can get during his stay in the US. He admitted the experience was very valuable to him. He feels how to sit among many prospective researchers in the field of IT. What impressed me the most was that everyone dared to voice their brilliant ideas without fearing the idea was stolen. As if in line with his thinking, according to Cristopher, science would be useless if it was not distributed to others. For that he was determined to continue to share his knowledge to be beneficial to the world.

Such children of Cristopher obviously become a valuable investment for Indonesia, considering the life of the world in the future will be much centered on technology. Hopefully aja government can be more appreciate them yes!Other Helpful and Entertaining Articles

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