Remind Pollution Hazards, Udinus Students Create an Air Filter Tool

Remind Pollution Hazards, Udinus Students Create an Air Filter Tool

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SEMARANG, Five students from the Faculty of Engineering Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang successfully created a special tool to detect the level of air pollution.

The creation of the five Udinus students was called the Tested Air Filter (Fuji). Five students are Rizki Nur as chairman, with four members, namely Angga Indrias, Hawari, Adib Nur, and Zakiy Anwar.

The results of his creation was proposed in the Program of Student Creativity Kreavititas (PKMT).

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Rizky said, Fuji homemade tools can detect how dangerous air pollution in an area. The dangers of air pollution from waste, for example, can be detected from the apparatus.

The findings of the tool stems from concerns over waste management issues. He considered, those who wrestle in waste recycling activities at risk of sucking pollutant gases that are harmful to health.

Rizky and his friends also encourage those who wrestle in the field of waste to pay attention to health by preventing chemicals from inhaled trash.

Our tools can tell to pay more attention to harmful gases, Rizky said, Wednesday (7/19/2017).

Fuji is also designed to be used on a small-scale industry, including plaque-making businessmen, gold and platinum plating, electronics, steel industry, metal purification, metal drugmaker, pesticide and similar entrepreneurs.

Rizky said, the main Fuji tool components are in the reactor that uses non-thermal plasma. Fuji works by breaking harmful ions on toxic gases into small ions that are harmless to the environment.

Although the middle is contested, Fuji tools have been used in a number of small-scale companies. Fuji's results at CV Nusantara Recycling Center (NRC) are considered to be successful.We hope to continue to be used and transmitted to other small industries. We want this Fuji can be directly felt by the community, he added.

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Sari Ayu Wulandari, Fuji's faculty mentor, added that the student's filter tool can serve as a warning tool. In addition to that function, the usefulness of the tool becomes more useful.

If there is a warning system, then if the air in the room is not in accordance with the National Air Quality Standard, then Fuji will warn him, "he added.

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