Reminded of Jakarta Drowning, Jokowi Accelerates Foke Program

Reminded of Jakarta

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JAKARTA, Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo plans to accelerate the construction of giant sea dikes or giant sea wall. This is done to prevent the risk of major floods that might drown Jakarta.

This was conveyed by Jokowi to respond to the statement of former Jakarta governor Fauzi Bowo, who is often called Foke. In a halalbihalal event at his home on Sunday (25/08/2013), Foke reminds Jokowi of global climate change that could drown Jakarta in the next decades.

According Jokowi, one of the plans to anticipate it is to accelerate the implementation of giant sea wall project ever conceived by Foke. "We will start by 2020, but we will accelerate so that the year 2014 can start," said Jokowi at City Hall, Jakarta, Monday (8/26/2013).

Giant sea wall is built to prevent the occurrence of a larger rob flood while serving as a clean water storage. There is a circular road on the embankment and a new economic growth center is built there. To build this idea, a fund of around Rp 150 trillion is required.

Jokowi said he has not discussed with Foke to discuss the development of Jakarta. However, Jokowi often get input from former Jakarta leaders before, for example Sutiyoso. All the input will be received, as long as the input is useful to advance Jakarta.

"All the input from my senior is good, either from Mr. Foke, Mr. Sutiyoso, or from others it would be very good," said Jokowi.

Yesterday, Foke cited news sources related to global warming that put Jakarta in position 11 of 20 cities are predicted to be drowned. "This should be a concern not only by the government, but also its citizens," Foke said.

In addition to Jakarta, other cities are expected to sink include Miami and Florida in the United States. Foke explained, in the current democratic environment, all parties can provide important advice and information to the government. It is considered important for the future in the city of Jakarta. Therefore, according to him, the government must be consistent in solving the problem. Not only in these days or months, but also sustainable.

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