RI’s 72nd Anniversary Dian Sastrowardoyo Foundation Showcases East Sumba Wealth

RI's 72nd Anniversary

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Vemale.com – Not only installing red and white flags or joining the race, in celebrating the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesian Independence, but to better appreciate and be aware of Indonesia's wealth, you can also come to see photo exhibition, video and fabric woven installation traditional Sumba Timur.

The exhibition titled Lukamba Nduma Luri – the life-giving thread is initiated by Dian Sastrowardoyo Foundation in collaboration with Plaza Indonesia and Samsung Galaxy S8 I S8 + which aims to introduce closer beauty, cultural richness of East Sumba, and support the weaver community local in Sumba which is not widely known to many Indonesians.

Dian Sastrowardoyo wears a woven fabric collection of Lukamba Nduma Luri Weaving Group / copyright Magnifique PR

Not only that, Dian Sastrowardoyo Foundation also funded through the sale of woven fabric of Lukamba Nduma Luri weaving group in East Sumba, where the sale profit will be used for the provision of access to clean water at Wairinding in collaboration with Waterhouse Project and renovation of Prainatang traditional house, East Sumba.

"First we think, there are still many tourist objects of Indonesia need to be lifted and become the spotlight, people are expected to pay more attention to the beauty of weaving Sumba, because it turns out many people do not know but under Sumba is a special island," said Dian Sastrowardoyo, Penggasan Yayasan Dian Sastrowardoyo, in the exhibition opening "Lukamba Nduma Luri – the thread that gives the spirit, the life-giving cloth, at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

After getting to know more about Sumba who has a very beautiful woven fabric, Dian hopes people want and be proud when using the cloth for everyday clothes. According to him, a woven fabric is the result of the diligence and skill of the maker made for months and some even years.

Visitors to the exhibition who saw the woven collection from East Sumba / copyright Magnifique PR

The exhibition of Lukamba Nduma Luri – a life-giving thread featuring a photo exhibition by Hakim Satriyo, while for video will feature a short video of East Sumba by Davy Linggar Photography and Pritagita Arianegara fashion video involving Chitra Subiyakto as a fashion stylist.

Wondering how beautiful the island of Sumba, well before you come directly to Sumba, it's good to come first to the exhibition Lukamba Nduma Luri – the thread that gives the spirit, the life-giving cloth that took place on 6 August 31, 2017. Enjoy the beauty of nature blessed by God , ladies.

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