Rose the beautiful flower, fragrant, graceful and charming

Rose the beautiful flower, fragrant, graceful and charming

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Rose is known as a beautiful flower, fragrant, graceful and charming. The rose is also known as an amazing flower with its many colors and meanings.

Speaking of roses, this time let us discuss the largest rose tree in the world. Her name is White Lady Banksia Rose. Quoted from page, this rose has millions of flowers every time it blooms precisely in March to April.

The diameter of the trunk reaches 3.6 meters and the area of ??the stalks reaches hundreds of meters. Regarding the world's largest rose tree itself, it's been around since 1884. It's behind the housing in Tombstone, Arizona, Scotland. This gorgeous and adorable flower grower is a married couple Henry Gee and Mary.

This planting begins when Mary moved to Scotland following her husband. Being in a boardinghouse alone when her husband goes to work, Mary then writes a letter to her family in the United States. This woman said that she really miss her hometown which is still beautiful, cool and filled with beautiful flowers.

Receiving Mary's letter and reading the contents, her family sent her a packet of tubers from the family garden, seeds and roses. Mary who received this package enthusiastically planted seeds from her family. Surprisingly, the seeds he planted thrived in the backyard of his boarding house. Including for roses that also planted.

There are many pillars in this rose tree so that he does not collapse / copyright

In 1920, married couples named James and Ethel Macia bought the former boarding house where Mary lived with her husband. It was then, James discovered there was a rose tree that thrives and spreads extensively in the backyard of the house. James finally made a buffer for the rose and took better care of him.

From year to year, the rose tree grows larger and widened. In 1937, this rose tree is listed as the largest rose tree in the world. Until now, the rose tree is kept in good care and grows larger and widened.

This tree will bloom every spring in March to April / copyright

Not only said to be the largest rose tree in the world, in this rose environment is growing today even regularly held Rose Festival. The place to grow the giant roses is also a romantic destination, awesome and fun during the spring.(vem / mim)

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