Round of 10 SUCA 2015, Comics Challenged Theme

Round of 10 SUCA 2015, Comics Challenged, Jakarta Round 10 Stand Up Comedy Academy 2015 is in sight. The jury's challenge was even tougher. For the round of 10, the elimination of the big round of 14 is only finished Monday (2/11/2015) night, set the theme to be selected the remaining comics.

The top 10 will start on Tuesday (3/11/2015).

The first group of comics lucky to go were Ephy (NTT), Musdalifah Basri (Pinrang), Newman Septian (Lampung), Lufi Ipul (Tegal), and Yudha Keling (Jakarta), after Heri Horeh (Jakarta) following Falah Akbar failed to escape. The first group was challenged by 3 themes: Hobby, Fauna Flora, and Sinetron. Newendi and Ipul chose Hobbies, Ephy chose Flora Fauna, last Musdalifah choose Sinetron. Special Yudha Keling was chosen a different theme from the jury that is Being Rich.

While the second group still leaves Lolox (Medan), Mas Cemen (Brebes), Denny Gitong (Jakarta), Pandu Winoto (Tegal) and Ricky Wattimena (Ambon). Benidictus Siregar (Yogyakarta) hanging mic following Popon (Medan). The top 10 Theme Challenges for the second group are History, Technology and Sports.

Pandu choose History, Mas Cemen choose Technology, Denny Gitong-Ricky Wattimena compact choose Sports. Like the first group, in the second group there is Lolox who was challenged differently namely Life of Love / Personals.

With the challenge of this theme, not only makes the headache of the comics but also the hard work of the mentors for their students. It is also a part and way to entertain the audience who later feel SUCA 2015 content feels monotonous.

Looking at the stronger viewer ratings data, SUCA is currently stable at 2nd rank with average TVR 4 and Share in the range of 20-23 percent. However, with the varied theme of stand up in every round can be expected to increase awareness of the audience. In the midst of SCTV soap ratings decline lately, only SUCA seems to have the potential to reach the peak rating to subvert Street Children that aired on the next TV station. Can SUCA 2015 be ranked first? (Puj / Ade)

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