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In general Eucalyptus trees grow medium-sized, but different from the trees that grow in their home country, Australia. You will be surprised to see a very tall Eucalyptus tree.

Even so high, the Eucalyptus tree is included in the list of the world's tallest trees rivaling Coast Redwood in North America. Eucalyptus is not included in certain species.

But in fact, this tree can grow as high as it is due to the influence of the genus with more than 700 species below.

Where almost all of them are native to Australia. One of the most high is the Eucalyptus Regnans. Known as a mountain plant that regularly grows with a height of 85 meters. So crowned also as the highest flowering plant in the world.

The tallest Eucalyptus tree in the world is a member of the Eucalyptus Regnans which has a height of 99.6 meters. Then dubbed the Centurion and grown in South Tasmania.

While the highest type of beach Redwood named Hyperion reach 115.6 meters high. So this tree grows 16 meters higher.

In 1881, George Cornthwaite surveyor once measured a felled tree in Victoria measuring 114.3 meters. This tree is only shorter than Hyperion.

In 1872, State Forest Inspector William Ferguson found a 133-meter fallen tree. The tree looks like it burns, so Ferguson believes that the possibility of trees has been 150 meters.

The highest tree claims also come from several parties. Ferdinand Vob Muller is reported to have personally measured a 122-meter-long tree. While plant proprietor David Boyle claimed in 1862 had measured a fallen tree measuring 119.5 meters.

This tree falls, so it is estimated that at the beginning it has a height of 128 meters. Similarly, unverified reports mention 146 meter trees.

The tall Eucalyptus tree is very hard to find because most of these plants have no chance to grow maximally. The average plant that lives in the Tasmanian ash mountains is 400 years old. Trees grow rapidly in the first 90 years of life, after which growth slows down. And for now they are a lot of victims of bushfire and fungi, or cut down humans.In contrast to Redwood, initially this type of tree is not included rare plants are protected. But the policy has changed since June 2013, when the World Heritage Committee extended the Tasmanian desert limit as a world heritage site to more than 170,000 hectares.

This automatically brings benefits to trees that can be left fully grown up to the end of their age. And if the conditions support it could one day later these trees can beat the record of Redwood as the tallest tree in the world.

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