RTRW Forum Will Demo in Office Ahok, What People Say

RTRW Forum Will

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Forum RT / RW will hold a peaceful action against the leadership of the Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok, Friday (16/09/2016).

Secretary General of Forum RT / RW DKI Jakarta, Lukmanul Hakim, previously said that the action participants will reach 4,000 people who come from RT / RW management in DKI Jakarta.

The forum also invites similar citizens to join the voicing of aspirations at City Hall and DPRD.

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Related to this demonstration, how did the citizens respond?

Munjirin (54), a resident of Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, admitted he had never heard about the existence of this forum.

He also disagreed with the RT / RW officials who conducted the rally.

"No really if they invite so," said Munjirin met in Manggarai area, South Jakarta, Friday (16/09/2016).

Because, said Munjirin, RT and RW devices have been given operational money from the government to take care of its citizens.

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Munjirin said that the heads of RTs and RWs who use their positions to influence the political choice of citizens should step back."If it does not agree with the governor, just back away, select RT / RW that can work according to the rules and interests of the people," he said.

The same thing was expressed by Heni Setyarini (32), a resident of Cikoko who had heard about the raising of 3 million ID cards by the head of RT / RW in East Jakarta to reject Ahok.

Heni said, RT and RW officials could simply reject the rules, but not by raising support.

"Loh who want to protest him as chairman of the RT and RW, why use in the name of citizens? That's his interests," said Heni.

Heni herself claimed to be supporting the Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok. Therefore, Heni will not support the RT / RW movement that rejects Ahok.

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Meanwhile, a resident of Cakung, Hidayat (49), gave a thumbs up for the peaceful action that will be held RT RT Forum today.

Hidayat said, they can represent the aspirations of citizens who have not been heard. Hidayat said Ahok is less protective of his citizens.

"Rough talk, RT and RW forced to use Qlue, can not be a protector of citizens," he said.

Nevertheless, Hidayat claimed will not follow the protests today because they did not have time.

"If Pak RT and RW pensioners can come yes, unfortunately I want to go to work ya, he-he-he …," said Hidayat.Secretary General of Forum RT / RW Lukmanul Hakim stated that this forum has formed a presidium in each region.

The form of 3 million citizen ID cards to reject the arrogant leadership has also been disseminated and collected.

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