Rules Before Apartment Renovation

Rules Before Apartment RenovationRenovation can have a major impact on home values. But an expensive repair process can not always give a higher price tag. Before beginning to remodel, the owner should think carefully whether the renovation was to be enjoyed by the occupants for sales purposes.

This is a standard question that is often forgotten, especially when it wants to renovate the apartment. What should be done to improve and improve the value of the apartment? Some renovation rules can help the owner get the most out of the renovation process.

Consider the "rule of the year"

If you plan to stay in an apartment for more than five years, do not worry if your renovation will make your home more favorable by potential buyers. Design an apartment and adjust it for your own comfort.

But if you plan to go faster and sell it, treat it like you want to sell. You'll want to spend as little as possible to make it look good in order to attract potential buyers.

Start with inexpensive repairs

If you plan to sell, it's important to make changes in the apartment even if it's small, like washing windows, replacing new paint, new knobs, and more. Painting a place can even change everything.

Change the color of the kitchen cabinets, add some cool knobs, and you enjoy the shelter better. Unless something is really broken, it's good to renovate it. A simple fix will not cost too much money.

Add furniture

Even if an apartment building provides a laundry room, the occupants definitely prefer their own washing machine. And having a washer or dryer could increase the price of an apartment by 5%, so experts predict.

Air systems can add a lot of value, just like cooling and energy-saving water heaters, which means you do not have to make windows. Many buyers also like heated bathrooms.Bathroom remodeling

One room that should not be missed during the renovation of the apartment is the bathroom. Once the importance of the bathroom, his kindness should be kept. Crust is a common problem in the bathroom, no need to replace with new tiles, just do the cleaning.

Simple bathroom remodeling can increase sales by 2%. For major renovations such as replacing and moving equipment, adding a special bathtub, adding glass ornaments, can increase sales by up to 85 percent.

Kitchen renovation

The sky is the limit, that's what happens if living in an apartment. Minor renovations by replacing the front of new cabinets and tables, sinks and energy-efficient ovens, can generate an investment return of 6.5%. In addition can also increase the comfort of living in an apartment.

But investment returns will decline on larger kitchen remodeling projects such as adding custom cabinets, sliding shelves, imported ceramics, built-in refrigerators, microwave combos, etc. Back again to the beginning, specify the purpose of the renovation, whether the apartment is sold or to live on its own.

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