Safe and Can Transport Many People, Should Train Can End Congestion This Country

Safe and Can Transport Many People, Should Train Can End Congestion This CountrySpeaking of Indonesia, our country is famous for its street congestion. The streets of Jakarta, Surabaya and several other big cities are often filled with cars and motorcycles that jostle. Traveling far away with the streets are jammednya not karuan, especially this new year holiday moments. The problem of transportation is a scourge of its own in a country with a large population like Indonesia. The absence of an efficient public transportation system in Indonesia makes the productivity of society can not be maximized.

If you look at the efficiency factor, rail is actually the most ideal mode of transportation for our country. Safe and can carry many people at once. But unfortunately, the development of the railway system seems to have been the focus of government development in recent years. In addition to the island of Java, there is no rail infrastructure that can accommodate the mobilization of the population. These are reasons why trains should be the main transportation options in Indonesia.

If compared, the ticket price with weary travel by train is worth it. Expensive not, tired too not too

The condition of Indonesian railways today is much different from the railway conditions a few years ago. If used to ride long-distance trains always make tired, now it is not. The facilities in the railway have many updates.

Now the comfort of each passenger seat is more attention. The backrest of each chair is no longer straight and hard. Not to mention now every train is also equipped with air conditioning. If used to ride the train must get ready to dry, now it is not. Using the train, you do not have to worry about exhausting. Train facilities in economy class alone are comfortable enough to sleep all the way. If tired, yes just stay aja ~

Speaking of security, rail is the safest land transportation option. In contrast to a car or motorcycle ~

Of the many land transportation available in Indonesia, rail is the safest land transportation option, loh. Because the train is a transport that has a special path, obviously the accident rate is much lower than other vehicles.

In addition to the security of passengers, the train has a level of security is much higher than other land vehicles. Cases of theft, pickpockets and other crimes on the train are less common. Compare with other ground transportation such as buses, cars and motorcycles that have higher accident and crime rates. Are you sure you do not want to ride the train?

On the train you can go for a walk. Well, it's good to ward off fatigue along the way

In addition, you are also guaranteed not to be bored while traveling by train. Since trains run on neat rails, the condition is very supportive for reading activities. Well, rather than bored all the way. Reading comics, books or newspapers on the train can be, yes.

In addition, you can also get rid of fatigue with the streets inside the train car. When you start getting bored, just go for a walk. As long as you do not interfere with other passengers, the streets to drive the bored is valid aja kok. Well, who knows to meet the match in the next car.Your journey will be more exciting with a refreshing green landscape. Realize not if the train is always through the rice field?

One of the things that distinguishes between riding the train and other vehicles is the scenery. Do not you think if the railways always through the green landscape of rice fields? Try check yourself if you do not believe it.

The Indonesian railway line not only shows the beauty of the city lights, but also the natural beauty of rice fields and mountains. That is, in addition you can observe how life in the city, along the way you will also be treated to views of life in rural areas and rice fields. With such a view, long trips inside the train certainly will not be felt.

Successful countries almost all have good public transport systems. Without wasting free time on the road, HR can develop to its full potential

Well with these reasons, it's good we switch to using the train as the main means of transportation. But the government also needs to make improvements to our country's rail system. For comparison, just look at Russia, Germany and Japan. These countries succeeded in making the railway as the main mode of transportation by developing technology and innovation.

Russia has a subway system is slick, Germany has a unique rail system and Japan has a fast train that is always reliable. The similarity of all three. They always try to be on time. Well, at least if our train system is no delay anymore, trains in Indonesia can surely be the main choice.

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