Sago Noodle Industry Approved

Sago Noodle Industry Approved

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade (Deperindag) approved the plan to develop the noodle industry from sago starch and tuber base in Maluku Province by involving Indofood as an investor.

"Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Prof. Dr. Alex Retraubun welcomed our proposal, and the plan to make sago flour based noodles in Central Maluku district began in 2010," said Chairman of Commission B Maluku DPRK Melky Frans in Ambon on Monday (14/12).

Production center of noodles processing from sago flour will be built in Central Maluku Regency, while Ambon Island, Seram and Lease as raw material supply area.

Commission B together with the Head of the Maluku Food Resilience Agency Djalal Sabirin initially planned to meet the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fadel Muhammad, but did not succeed because he was attending an international conference on global warming in Copenhagen, Denmark.

According to him, B commission expects the management of marine specialty industry in Maluku and noodle industry from sago starch and tuber base, supported by raw materials widely available in Maluku.

The development of this industry is closely related to the central and local government programs on food security issues for the community, so that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is expected to provide the noodle processing industry.

"Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade welcomes our proposal with various economic reasons and no problem, Retraubun will coordinate with Menperindag and Indofood to work together to enter this area," he said.

While the tuber-based noodle processing industry, specifically developed in the District of West Southeast Maluku (MTB).

This industry will be developed for the next period, after developing the processing of noodles made from sago flour in Central Maluku Regency.

"Because the Maluku Food Security Agency itself is still collecting potential data and how big the production capacity of tubers developed by the community in Maluku, especially MTB regency," he said.

Its industrial center will be built in MTB, while Southeast Maluku, Tual City, Aru Islands District and Southwest Maluku (MBD) as a buffer area for tuber raw material supply. (ant /

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