Sample Study Plan for Scholarships

Sample Study Plan for Scholarships

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Introduce, the name of the author of the study plan for this scholarship is Ilyas Muttaqin was born on December 25, 1997 in Depok, West Java. Ever since, I have a hobby of reading and speaking. Reading for the main capital acquires science and speaks to apply what I have read into the real world. Yes, I am a hobby doing social experiment in my environment. So to make it easier for me to do it all, I from junior high until now active in various organizations intra school and in the community. From the start of OSIS, MPK, ROHIS or just become a member of youth in the neighborhood RT.

Knowing the existence of a study plan for a scholarship from one of the foundations, I was very enthusiastic to register it. The ultimate goal is to smooth my study plan, as well as to help ease the burden on my parents who currently has 6 dependents and 3 of whom are in college. Since my parents only work as private teachers, I think this scholarship program will certainly help me not to worry about the cost of studying in Unpad, especially after I entered the beginning of the 3rd semester at the Faculty of Law. The scholarship from the foundation also makes me more interested because it provides a built-in house program which of course there are science contents that I can practice in my college environment. Moreover I also expect to get a network of great people who are equally following this scholarship.

Faculty of Law Unpad

A study plan for a scholarship and study at one of the best Law Faculties in Indonesia must be the best opportunity to improve the quality of life in my life. The first background I want to study at the Faculty of Law is because I want to become a great politician who is able to lead Indonesia in 2045. For that reason my main capital is to know the law first, in accordance with the 1945 Constitution Article 1 paragraph 1 that Indonesia is a country Law, if you want to improve the face of Indonesia then fix his legal world first. That way, then the prospects of Economics, Politics, Security and so forth will follow.

To make that big dream come true, I have divided my 4-year college period with details of study plans for achievement scholarships and organizational achievements I want to achieve. Among them:



Became the Chairman of BPM Faculty of Law

Being Head of Family Department of Islamic Students Faculty of Law (Gamasis)

Become To Member Communication Bureau (Komang) Pleads FH Unpad

(Achievement)Winner of Ubaya Law Fair National Debate Competition

Proposal At PIMNAS fund

Winner of National Debate Competition of Bussiness Law Fair UI



Chairman of BEM FH Unpad


Champion of Debon Contract Drafting Contest Diponegoro Law Fair

PIMNAS gold medal

Winner of the national debate contest the Constitutional Court

FOURTH YEARS(Organization)

Chairman of BEM KEMA Unpad


Writing a Scientific Journal of International Law

Finish Thesis with International Law theme

Yes, as a person who has big dreams then I must have big plans, failing to plan the same as a dream failure. I will graduate within 4 years and before graduation then I can dedicate my contributions to faculty, university and Indonesia.

Furthermore, I would not be satisfied just by completing a law degree. I will also try to continue my study plan for S2 scholarship in Holland and S3 in America. Amen.

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