Save Electricity, Minister of EMR Launches 10 Percent Cut Movement

Save Electricity, Minister of EMR Launches 10 Percent Cut Movement

Image source:, Jakarta – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) officially launched the 10 Percent Cut Movement. This campaign invites all the people of Indonesia to behave energy-efficient national electricity 10 percent per year.

From the observation of, Jakarta, the 10 Percent Cutting Movement was attended by 1,320 participants from various quarters, including Minister of EMR Sudirman Said, Former Minister of Mining and Energy of Soebroto Old Order, officials and employees of the Ministry of ESDM, President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Dwi Soetjipto, ambassador of friendly countries, community, academic community, and society.

The 10 Percent Movement Campaign is filled with various activities, one of which is a leisurely stroll with the route of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (HI) and back to the office of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Minister of EMR, Sudirman Said asked the government, businessmen, civil society organizations and citizens to take joint action to reduce energy consumption. This is a government move for energy conservation.

10 Percent Cutting Movement is a movement or action with the community in order to save 10 percent electricity consumption. There are several ways that have been agreed to reduce electricity usage, "said Sudirman who wore a red T-shirt with 10 Percent Cut Movement.

He acknowledged, there are three ways that people need to do in an effort to save electricity from now on. First, turn off the lights and unplug the electricity from the electronic equipment that is not being used, and remove the switch.

The second way, holding the volume of air conditioning (air conditioning / AC) at level 25 degrees. And thirdly, making energy efficient as the daily lifestyle of Indonesian people.

"If these three steps are done together, we can save national electricity consumption by 10 percent.We'll campaign for this massive and massive movement.Even if we want to aggressively save again, replace all lights or electronic equipment that has energy-saving labels," pinta Sudirman. (Fik / Ahm)

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