Save electricity through inverter technology

Save electricity through inverter technology

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In the age of all sophisticated forces us to use a lot of technology, which also impact on the use of electricity. The government is also intensively conducting a 10 percent national electricity-efficient consumption campaign since last year. The goal, to realize energy justice.

In this year, as reported by its official website, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) intensively encourages energy-saving behavior "Cut 10 Percent" to all levels of society. The goal, energy saving should be the culture of all components of society.

In addition to energy justice, national energy consumption also went up. The last 10 years of energy consumption has risen by 7 percent per year in which 94 percent of national energy needs depend on fossil energy sources.

Referring to what the government campaigned on as well as participating actively, I think we should start a new way of choosing and using electronic devices. Because, household electronics become one of the high electronic devices. Using inverter technology electronics, for example.

Like one of the technology manufacturers of PT LG Electronics Indonesia which has expressed its readiness to present a variety of inverter-based home electronic devices.

President Director of PT LG Electronics Indonesia Jaeyoung Lee said, the choice of inverter technology made not be separated from the advantages of its own technology more efficient electricity. Moreover, inverter technology is apparently not a new item for the Korean-based company.

"As a company that has been part of the Indonesian community for 26 years, it is our duty to play a more active role in this change through the provision of inverter-based electronic devices," said Jaeyoung Lee.

Not only that, LG also complete the whole collection with health supporting features to strengthen its existence as a supporter of modern lifestyles that care more about health and energy.

"This whole collection illustrates the success as well as the company's big vision of bringing inverter technology applications at a higher level," Jaeyoung Lee said. [ibs]

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