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Slogan energy-saving and green company is not a new thing. Does the slogan fare like other slogans that are merely rhetoric? Could yes it can not, but in AHM Cikarang this concept of green company has also been implemented, as well as energy saving cultured in the work environment.

Buses carrying a group of Kompasianer for Kompasiana Visit Honda Motor Cikarang event at around 11:00 have entered the Industrial Area Cibitung Cikarang. The industrial estate is similar to the industrial estate located in Lippo Cikarang, but in a much larger version. After going through several blocks, the bus arrived at Astra Honda Motor Plant Cikarang.

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Complex area of ??300 thousand square meters is clean and beautiful. In the courtyard of the building appears a variety of trees and plants are arranged neatly and beautiful. The presence of trees and plants is quite soothing in the middle of Cikarang relatively dry and hot.

As we entered the lobby and office building, the room appeared clean and airy. The ceiling of the building is high enough that the air circulation is more smoothly and the room becomes more spacious. Looks some plants in pots to give the impression of green in the room.

Apparently the concept of green environment seen in AHM Plant Cikarang mock. From the maket is seen trees that surround the complex and appear clustered on several sides of the building complex.

Well, that's interesting when entering the toilet which is located not far from the mosque. I was a bit hesitant when entering it, because the toilet looked dark. I wonder if the toilet is broken and locked, I thought. Apparently not. There is a habit there to turn off the lights when not in use. Above the lamp switch, put a reminder to turn off the light after the toilet is finished. Although there is no janitor who is on guard and milling about, the toilet looks clean and odorless.

The energy-saving culture is also applied in the wudlu room of the mosque with a suggestion board not to turn the faucet fully. And again there is a suggestion board to turn off the lights when the mosque is over used.

No different from office buildings, similar conditions also appear in the factory. The condition in this factory is far from the impression of chaotic or slum. There is a conveyor belt and several compartments ranging from assembling each component to entering the quality control. Although there are hundreds of workers who take care of various jobs, the factory room is far from the impression of crowded. High ceilings make the air not stuffy.

Clothes of employees in the white factory complex also aim to civilize a clean life. Not those who get dirty clothes that look diligent work, said Ardi Aldisan from Corporate Communication Division AHM. However, we strive to keep working optimally while maintaining personal hygiene, he added.

And the concept of AHM Cikarang as an environmentally sound company is in accordance with environmental policy, safety and health, one of them mentioned that all employees create working conditions, work processes, and products that are safe and environmentally friendly with attention to the prevention of pollution. For that, the resulting waste is integrated processing. We use third party services to treat waste and we regularly audit, Ardi explained.

In addition to a clean, green and environmentally friendly work environment and production environment, AHM also has 6 R, reuse, reduce, recycle, refine, recovery and retrieve energy principles in its production line. As a result Honda motor products are known to be environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

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