Save Energy in PU Uncertain Still Waiting for Circular

Save Energy in PU Uncertain Still Waiting for Circular

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The Ministry of Public Works (DPU) has not been able to confirm the steps to be taken to conserve energy because it still has to wait for a Circular Letter from the Minister for guidance and implementation.

"We do not know the operational guidelines yet because we still have to wait for the Circular Letter, but at least some of the austerity measures from each unit have been able to be implemented since now," Head of Public Information Center DPU, Amwazi Idrus told reporters on Monday (11/7).

Steps that can be done ranging from work efficiency such as by reducing the excess unnecessary work hours (overtime) in addition to save energy consumption of both lights as lighting and air conditioning.

Then for the day-to-day, air conditioning can be set to a certain temperature only, at least slightly different from outside. "Maybe about 25 degrees Celsius course," he said when asked for his response with the President's instructions for the whole department to save energy.

Another step is to control the use of electricity that will only be activated during office hours. Even if forced to be activated because there are overtime then only that location alone, while others remain shut down.

Perhaps for the initial stages of savings will not mean much, but at least if it has reached 25 percent it is good because usually if the first step of saving can be suppressed, then the next will be easy.

Regarding the use of official cars, according to Amwazi, there is no clue to it, but if you see the available official vehicles are not too many. Precisely most prefer to use bus employees because they do not need to get stuck and on time.

According to Amwazi, actual savings are more due to the behavior of the community itself. As long as the use of private cars as a form of prestige not because of work then the austerity measures are not difficult to realize. (* / dar)

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