Save Energy with 3M Concepts

Save Energy with 3M Concepts

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Saturday (8/8) morning yesterday, looked at my eyes seriously watched public service ads (PSA) that aired television stations. His ads are about saving energy. There is a figure of Vice Governor of West Java, Dedy Mizwar who became the main actor.

In the ad, Dedy Mizwar invites viewers to save energy. Starting from opening the window cover and let the sunlight into the room and study table, instead of having to turn on the incandescent lamp. Also, opening the doors of the room, in order to obtain a cool air blow, rather than having to keep the air conditioner turned on.

Regardless of the controversy Dedy Mizwar, as public officials, who actually highlighted the public because it still serves the bid to be an ad star, this energy-efficient ILM material feels full of benefits. Although the remaining two questions remain in my mind: (1). Why hire Dedy Mizwar as his advertising model, should not he be busy with the governor's affairs in West Java? (2). There is an impressive ILM Campaign for Energy Saver. Is there any momentum?

For the first question, I am resigned and sure, will never find the answer. But for the second question, I am grateful, on Saturday afternoon I immediately found the answer! Because that afternoon, I was invited to attend an event in Depok.

Gemah Ripah dance performance by SDIT Al Muhajirin students, Depok City. (Photo: Gapey Sandy)

The event, which is located at SDIT Al-Muhajirin, Jalan Nusantara Raya No.313, Depok is entitled Socialization of Energy Conservation Program in elementary school environment in 2015. The initiator is none other than Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) through the Director General of New, Renewable, and Energy Conservation.

The Socialization of the Energy Conservation Program was attended by hundreds of students from 30 Primary Schools in Depok City, and was intended to socialize energy conservation programs to students in elementary schools, to instill the values ??of conservation benefits early on at school age. Farida Zed, Farida Zed, Director of Energy Conservation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Khairuddin, Deputy of Depok City Education Office, H Jamal Chairman of the Al Muhajirin Islamic Development Foundation and Yuli Puspita Anggraini, Depok Jaya Village.

In his speech Farida Zed reminded that the energy-saving movement should be implemented simultaneously and continuously. Moreover, the fossil energy that produces petroleum, natural gas, and coal, the more thinning the amount, until then at some point will soon run out.

We should be grateful, because we are born and raised in a country endowed with various kinds of Natural Resources (SDA), whether on earth, or in the bowels of the earth, even in the oceans. We have so many sources of energy, some of which we know as fossil energy, the energies we can not renew the oil, natural gas and coal. Three types of energy is still very dominating our domestic energy supply, even up to 95% of the total energy supply. Ironically, these three sources of energy are increasingly depleted in number, and can not be renewed, said Farida who was just inaugurated as one of the echelon II officials in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on May 7 yesterday.

Energy Conservation Director of ESDM Ministry Farida Zed when opening Socialization of Energy Conservation Program in Primary School Environment 2015. (Photo: Gapey Sandy)

Implementation of the Socialization of Energy Conservation Program has started since 2012 then. For this year, the theme raised is I Save Energy, Now and Later. Through this program, we would like to invite children, teachers, ranks of Dinas Pendidikan, and Depok City Government to help us from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to help provide energy in the future, he said.Farida revealed, due to the lack of friendship we enjoy the fossil energy that can not renewable, then emerging natural anomalies began to interfere. For example, Bogor called the City of Rain, the fact is now beginning to feel the impact of water drought in the dry season.

The process of forming the energy of petroleum, natural gas, coal, and water that we drink, takes millions of years, so it is not a short process for us to enjoy. What we enjoy today is a long process of a long geological process or period up to millions of years. Can we imagine if we use it extravagantly then one day we will lose it all. If we use fossil energy irresponsibly, unplanned, not well managed then the impact will be felt. Bogor City for example, which is often referred to as the City of Rain, even more recently experienced water drought. In addition, there is also a failure of the harvest in the centers of rice-producing regions. As a result, we are short of food supply so we have to import and cause food prices in the country also increase from time to time, he explained again.

For that, Farida invites the whole community to do energy saving movement. One of them, replacing incandescent lights in homes, offices, schools and others, into energy-efficient incandescent lamps.

Based on our calculations, if all PLN customers amounting to 48 million Heads of Families, each replacing one type of 40-watt incandescent bulb that we use at home with an energy-efficient 8-watt incandescent lamp, which is quite the same, we can save electricity by 1,538 megawatts . And if we replace energy-saving lamps with 4 watts, then we can save 1,728 megawatts of electricity, or the same as we replace or shut down four power plants each with a capacity of up to 500 megawatts, he explained.

Some students and accompanying teachers who attended the opening of Socialization of Energy Conservation Program in Primary School Environment 2015, on August 8, 2015 in Depok City. (Photo: Gapey Sandy)

Especially in disseminating this energy conservation program, Farida revealed, Ministry of ESDM rolled out 3M concept. in the hope of being more easily understood, and practically implemented.

We introduce the 3M concept, which hopefully can be rolled out nationally, namely: first, turn off the lights and turn off other electrical devices when not in use. So, if we do not use rice cooker at night, then we better turn it off, the rice is transferred to a suitable pot and put under the hood, then in the morning it can be warmed again. Secondly, unplug the electrical device from its receptacle. So, if the rice cooker has been turned off, we have to unplug the cord from the electrical outlet. Because, if still stuck in the outlet, then the flow of electricity will continue to occur, including electricity meter will also continue to operate and perform calculations. And, third, set the temperature of the air conditioner or AC to 25 degrees celsius. As per our calculations, the 25 degree temperature still makes us comfortable. AC condition with 25 degree temperature is also applied in the office of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Farida said.

To the school environment, Farida hopes that in one school a special class will be created which can be a pilot in applying energy saving movement. At each school, an energy-efficient pilot class should be created. Hopefully, a class of Energy Brigade that can be formed is a generation of young people who can transmit the concepts and thoughts of way of life to save energy. Hopefully from one class, then it can be two classes, and long to be the whole school can be a pilot for energy-saving movements, invite him.

Depok citizens should be proud, because the implementation of the National Energy Conservation Program Socialization, for the year 2015, starting from the city of Depok, for then a similar event will be held also in Medan (North Sumatra) and Denpasar (Bali). A series of competitions are held to entertain and sharpen the achievements of students, ranging from speech competitions or story telling, drawing contests, and other entertainment, themed energy-efficient. The presence of live dolls dubbed Bang Concert, and is the mascot of the implementation of the Socialization of Energy Conservation Program also enliven the atmosphere. Many students are attracted welfie photos together and tos-tosan or just shake hands.

Bang Live live doll Concert that became the mascot of Socialization of Energy Conservation Program. (Photo: Gapey Sandy)

Limit Bottom SurgeryIn the meantime, answering the author's question about the high level of groundwater suction in Jakarta, resulting in a decrease in the soil surface, Farida Zed said that this fact can not be denied, so it is necessary to limit the suction of underground water.

The results of research from the Geological Agency at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources conduct continuous monitoring, in collaboration with local government, in this case the DKI Jakarta government, where industry, hotels, malls and housing are under the responsibility of LG. Hence, we invite the local government to control the use of underground water. For example by doing a water conservation program. For example, if we enter the hotel, there will always be an appeal to save water usage. So also with water taps that will only remove water when the sensor control works, he said.

Energy Conservation Director of ESDM Ministry Farida Zed when interviewed by media crew. (Photo: Gapey Sandy)

Regarding the condition of land surface in Jakarta that decreased due to the suction of underground water, according to Fadida, is the authority of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR). But about the critical condition, very dependent of our efforts to preserve the environment and the environment. For example, in the context of urban planning, there are rules that require how much of an open space in a particular area, and above it is planted with trees. Because, in the presence of trees, will catch water and then later this water will produce clean water. This tree also will reduce the water fall from the rain to simply flow into the river, then to the sea, he explained end.

Let's save energy!

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Photo # 1: Energy Conservation Director of the ESDM Ministry Farida Zed when opening the Socialization of the Energy Conservation Program at the Elementary School Environment 2015, at SDIT Al Muhajirin, Depok City, on August 8, 2015 yesterday. Similar events will be held in Medan and Denpasar. (Photo: Gapey Sandy)

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