Save more easily with 1 inverter refrigerator door from LG

Save more easily with 1 inverter refrigerator door from LG

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The existence of a refrigerator can be said to be almost mandatory in the midst of a modern family. High community mobility makes it necessary to store food and drink longer through the cooling technology of this device. It's just that, high electricity bills become the consequences.

This can not be separated from the character of the refrigerator whose operation never dies throughout the day to keep the cold in the cabin store. Not to mention, this heavy electrical load depends on the level of our frequency in opening and closing the door.

Logically, the conventional compressor in the refrigerator works to exhale the cold in the cabin store up to a set temperature level. When it reaches it, the compressor will die. While to maintain the degree of cold in it, the new compressor will automatically turn back when there is a temperature increase of a certain degree.

Just imagine how much additional electrical load should be removed each time the cold is released as a result of opening the refrigerator lid. In fact, there is an inverter compressor in the refrigerator that can make the operation more power efficient. This compressor has a different way of working with the previous technology.

Refrigerator LG 1 door Inverter 2017

When the chill in the cabin keeps to a specified temperature level, the compressor will stay on in a very slow motion. This new motion will increase automatically when the temperature in the refrigerator cabin increases by a certain degree. With a compressor that never really dies, the power used to reboot the compressor each time maintaining the temperature in the refrigerator can be trimmed.

With the increasingly Basic Electricity Tariff, actually the matter of saving electricity has been like a liability. Reducing the burden of electricity bills, can be equivalent to additional money for other needs that can improve the quality of life. Only, this is not as easy as imagined.

Inverter technology refrigerators have been available for medium and large capacity. While for the small capacity store, commonly known as a one-door refrigerator, not many manufacturers glance to provide inverter technology into it. It can be said ironically, to see a one-door refrigerator should take the largest market considering its existence is often the choice as the first refrigerator in the family and personal. This condition then encourages LG to develop a one-way refrigerator-based inverter technology on the compressor.

"By expanding the availability of inverter technology, even starting from a one-door refrigerator, further expanding opportunities for Indonesians to choose energy-efficient products," said LG Electronics Indonesia Product Marketing Home Appliance, Mohamad Fariz Adiputra.

This according to him in accordance with the direction of the company's focus this year, especially for household electronic products. At the end of the first quarter of this year, LG expressed its commitment to expand the line of household electronic products based on inverter technology. This choice is made not be separated from the benefits of this technology that has been proven and recognized more efficient electricity.

Refrigerator LG 1 door Inverter 2017 Merdeka.comWhile on the other hand, this LG move is said to be a form of corporate support to the energy-saving campaign that has been initiated by the Indonesian government. Through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the government has run a major campaign titled Cut 10 percent as a movement aimed at expanding awareness related to energy-saving behavior.

"The world is moving towards a better technology and environmentally friendly.As a company that has been part of the Indonesian community for 26 years, it is our duty to play a more active role in this change through the provision of inverter-based electronic devices," said President Director of PT. LG Electronics Indonesia, Jaeyoung Lee.

Not just rely on technology inverter more efficient electricity, LG's one-door refrigerator with GN-INV304SL series is also equipped with various features to optimize it in maintaining the freshness of food and beverages. Bio Shield one of them. LG is an innovation on the layer of rubber gaskets on the refrigerator door. The existence of this special coating is useful to prevent mold and germs attached to the rubber of this door.

In addition to health-related factors, avoidance of fungi and germs attached to the rubber of this door to give more protection on the gasket in relation to age wear. Because the fungus and germs that stick to the gasket within a certain time can cause changes in the shape of the gasket. This change of shape ultimately makes the gasket unable to close the cabin of the refrigerator with good air.

"Making a refrigerator complaint is not cold, but on the one hand it forces the compressor to work continuously to reach the set temperature, which makes the gaskets unwittingly play a role in the higher electricity bill," said Muhamad Fariz again.

Refrigerator LG 1 door Inverter 2017

LG's efforts in ensuring the refrigerator is reliable as a storehouse of family nutrition sources, South Korean manufacturers are also designed with a shelf that can withstand loads of up to 150 kilograms. Strong shelves made of tempered glass is made to ensure users can optimize storage space refrigerator.

"Our supporting features include ensuring users get the most out of their one-door refrigerators, more power-efficient, healthier, more durable and more optimal as a family's nutritional guard," said Muhamad Fariz. [hhw]

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