Secretly Android Cheap Phone Sending Personal Data Users to China

Secretly Android Cheap Phone Sending Personal Data Users to China

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Security factor is often an issue that is feared by smartphone users. According to the security company Kryptowire report, some cheap Android phone turns your personal data to China server every 72 hours.

As reported by the New York Times, they found software installed on some cheap Android phones that monitor and spy on its users. Records communication data such as call lists and text messages.

CAUTION! Cheap Android Phone Apparently Sending Personal Data Users to China

According to Android Central, it is known that who wrote the code is a technology company from China that is Shanghai Adups. The code has been installed on more than 700 million mobile phones, cars, and other smart devices spread across 200 countries.

One US mobile phone manufacturer, BLU, has taken action that the 120,000 mobile phones made by them who are likely to have been infected have received a security update.

Security experts often find vulnerabilities in consumer electronics devices. However, the findings this time turned out not to be a bug.

Instead, Adups deliberately designed the software to help mobile manufacturers monitor user behavior in China.

Adups also explains this issue to the BLU executive. Convinced that this code is not intended for phones sold in America.

BLU CEO Samuel Ohev-Zion said the company was unaware of a backdoor, but we moved quickly to fix it.

According to its website, Adups provides software for two major mobile manufacturers namely ZTE and Huawei. Both are based in China. Adups assures that Chinese companies use data for customer support.

Over the years, the Chinese government has used various methods to filter and track Internet usage and monitor online conversations. How do you feel about this news?

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