Sex During Menstruation Wait Until Used To Clean

Sex During Menstruation Wait Until Used To – Coming up months often makes you uncomfortable. Not because of the pain that is caused alone but also the emotional changes are easily up and down. Especially when you're talking about an intimate with a partner. Well Ladies, how about having sex when you're menstruating? Safe or vice versa?

According to the letters from, the blood that comes out in the form of menstrual blood is a good medium for the growth of germs. When you are menstruating, your female organs are not clean and easy to become a nest of disease-causing germs. Well, can you imagine if you have sex in a dirty state? When you have intercourse with a partner at the time of menstruation, it can cause infections that attack your sex organs and partner.

Not only infections, discomfort during lovemaking can also degrade the quality of the intimate relationship itself. Moreover if, you feel the pain of menstruation. You can not even enjoy the scene with your partner earlier. Menstrual pain in general is endometriosis which is a disease in which the endometrium layer into the abdominal cavity and cause pain stimulation in the nerves in the abdominal cavity.

In addition, menstrual pain can also cause contractions in the uterus that aims to remove the endometrium (the lining of the uterus), or stretching the uterine support tissue can also cause pain. To be able to divert the pain that comes every time menstruation, you can perform daily activities as usual. If the pain is very unusual, you just need medical treatment.

Keeping intimate with your partner is critical. But if you are menstruating, should be postponed first deh desire and desire to make love .. Wait until the net from the infection will get infected.

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