Sharing Crops, Can Be Cultural

Sharing Crops, Can Be CulturalBy: Majawati Oen

I am not a hobbyist in plants, there is a bad trauma that I experienced when I was a kid. I had a desire to care for the flower plants on the shelf. It looks so beautiful. Then I bought a plywood, until the nukang itself for the shelf. Then I bought some pots of rose plants and others, with my pocket money. But maybe I also do not really understand the care of plants, I think just enough watered it. Though there is no rule, because the lack or most of the water can make plants dry or rotten so dead. Since then I do not want to deal with plants anymore. Home yard was mostly just I planted grass only, select easy.

Unlike my sister, she loves crops. Having a variety of plants in his house, doing hatchery, trying new plants and can be blooming beautifully. Grow vegetables and fruits as well. As if planting was a challenge for him. When I go to his house, my sister usually intends to give me plants in pots. But I rejected, some were half-forced to carry. Finally I take it too, then die, nor do I know what I die for. Upset it!

But my brother never stopped, he always gave me the plants when I visited there. The plant he was given at that time was the Japanese frangipani (Adenium). The given plant is definitely the flowering, so interesting, right! Yes please, I take it too. To please him. Arriving at home I only treated by watering it, it was not regular. Do not ask, the circumstances. Sometimes the leaves suddenly yellow, oh … forget to flush. Then exposed to pests, until the leaves are bald. Usually I call him if the situation is worrisome with this interest. Please help, because confused what to do.

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One day came a kind of horn on the frangipani plant of japan. The longer the longer. On one occasion while calling, I asked that. Tenyata that is where the seed candidates can be planted. Because of that he taught me to seed it in aqua glass. At first I was very reluctant …. Duh what's up? Later bother! But suddenly I remember the balcony of my house so dry, no decoration. In fact, if there is a flowering plants would be very beautiful look from the bottom. So remember the houses in Europe where the windows are always planted with flowering plants, very beautiful!

[caption id = "attachment_338904" align = "aligncenter" width = "300" caption = "The beauty of the form and its alluring color (pri doc)"]

It turned out to share plants of various forms, among others:

Giving the plants we have to others for free

Swap crops with friends to enrich the speciesCrossing plants for more varied variants

As a place to learn to grow new plants

Barter with the plant trader

Sharing how to care for the plants and the problems

Give each other information about the plants, both in terms of hobby and selling value

Give birthday presents, move house with plants, which must be maintained by the receiving ones

Incorporate plant seeds in wedding invitations

Finally it came when the beans were ready to be seeded. Though really have to fight aversion. But it is planted from the seed there is art. Every morning I notice the growth. From this activity arises the cultivation of cultivation. I can also know how good watering, hama medicine when sprayed and buy fertilizer to frequent flowering. I currently have about 50 pots. Actually the hatchery produces about 80 pots of aqua glass. There are about 10 pots that do not grow perfectly, eventually die. The rest I move to larger pots. Other I give also to others. Relatives, friends, students, guests interested in planting flowers. It turned out that sharing the plant was fun.

Is not that a useful activity and can invite others to start care about the environment, at least in the environment of his own home. Sharing plants can inspire others to start liking and planting in their homes. Although sharing it for free, but will have its own satisfaction if you get the news that the plant in the future to grow so much. Not close the opportunities of others so find a new hobby or new business.The more polluted air conditions will be reduced by the presence of plants around us. If there is no soil, can plant in pots. The most important intention to plant and care for it has grown in the liver. Our eyes also feel cool to see the environment around the green and colorful flowers. Planting flowers also gives us routine busyness, giving rise to satisfaction so it has the benefit of entertaining ourselves. If all this time we are limited to planting plants in their own homes, there is no harm in sharing or barter, as a form of concern with the environment, although small scale.

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