SHARP AC, Last Protection of Ozone Damage

SHARP AC, Last Protection of Ozone Damage

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There is one thing that arises from every time the question 'Why is Ozone' protective 'of the earth can be damaged?', Many things can be blamed for the destruction or depletion of the ozone layer of Ozone Depleting Substances (BPO) emitted from various activities, either in using or producing goods containing BPO. The known threat to ozone balance is chloroflorocarbons (CFCs) which result in depletion of the ozone layer. CFCs are used by modern society in incomparable ways, for example by: air conditioner, refrigerator, spray can for air freshener, hair sprayer or perfume making foam.

The true ozone layer protects the Earth from exposure to ultra violet B (UV-B) rays that are very harmful to living things on earth. UV-B has a wavelength of 280-315 nm, partially absorbed by the ozone layer, thus the number of UV-B reaching the Earth is very small. UV-B exposure to humans can lead to skin cancer, cataracts and reduce the immune system. UV-B exposure can also damage plant life, single-celled organisms and aquatic ecosystems. While UV-A (with wavelength 315-400 nm) is not absorbed by the ozone layer. UV-A radiation from sunlight is very beneficial for the survival of living things on the surface of the earth.

The occurrence of stratospheric ozone holes over Antarctica, at the south pole, was discovered in early 1985. In 1989, it was determined that the possibility of destruction of the ozone layer in large numbers could also occur in the Arctic region, and possibly also in the tropics. Over the past few decades, CFCs released into the atmosphere have reached a substantial amount so that if they are not prevented, it is feared to destroy the ozone layer.

Sharp, therefore, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic goods, has a mission to make its products more environmentally friendly. The true use of air-conditioning has become a necessity for tropical regions to try to neutralize CFC levels, plus AC Sharp Plasmacluster is able to quickly destroy the stubborn stench in rooms and clothing, such as the smell of tobacco and sweat. This air purifier incorporates Plasmacluster technology with an air filter for double effectiveness at home. With Plasmacluster technology too, the house gets positive and negative ions to kill bacteria in the air, making life healthy and comfortable.

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