Shell Eco-Marathon Indonesian Shell Eco-Marathon Energy Efficiency

Shell Eco-Marathon Indonesian Shell Eco-Marathon Energy Efficiency

Image source:, Jakarta 26 students from 19 universities will represent Indonesia in the energy-efficient competition competition and low CO2 in Singapore, 16 to 19 March 2017. They will compete greatly with students in Asia Pacific and Middle East in [Shell Eco-Marathon. ] (2546743 ""

The 2017 Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) annual event demands a total of 120 students to design, build and drive energy efficient vehicles. This vehicle will be tested on an artificial trajectory. Who is the most efficient vehicle mengonsumai fuel, he will be the winner.

Some of the teams that will contest are Bumi Siliwangi team from UPI Bandung, Sadewa team from UI, and ITS Team team from ITS. All three have contested last year. While the new team that participated in the team are U.A.R.T G-UV from ITN Malang, and WASAKA Team from ULM.

Norman Koch, General Manager of SEM, said that the competition that started in 2010 was organized as part of an effort to create an environmentally friendly means of mobilization to address global challenges and limited fossil fuels.

"We hope that this event will inspire gifted youth to contribute to creating advanced technology in the field of mobility and energy.With SEM we want to help the world meet its energy needs in a responsible way," Koch said.

Unlike the other competitions, the best team of SEM 2017 will compete in Driver's World Championship – Asia Regional Final on March 19, 2017. The winner will then represent Asia in the Driver's World Championship Global Final held in London, May 2017.

To illustrate, some Shell Eco-Marathon teams have set fuel consumption figures for their vehicles. The Bumi Siliwangi team, for example, targeted this year their creation vehicles could reach 200 km / kWh. While Wasaka Team targeting the figure of 150 km / liter.

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