Short stories of Men Learning on Electric Pillars

Short stories of Men Learning on Electric Pillars

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The man who daily lives from a garbage dump to the next garbage dump has chosen what in the rest of his life. Age is not yet approaching half a century but his fate has never moved far since he was a fetus that is sometimes prayed for, more often disumpahserapahi.

I thought, what inspired him was a stupid case. How can living beings take role models on inanimate objects? It was as if he were left alone on earth with a collection of inanimate objects in all directions!

He should live in a hermitage that devises the virtue of life, this is my first comment. "Hahaha, what is interesting about the doctrine of goodness that comes from a benevolent benevolent? Is not that really their daily affair?"

Shit! Umpat me. Use English too.

The man then explained an astonishing illustration. I recorded it carefully.

You must first realize that we live in a society that demands recognition too often. Even against the trivial, trivial, waste of time. People who understand if this desire for recognition is a well for the profit of titling it with an "increasingly connected world." Then they set up a system that becomes the arena for the battle of desire.

I think he means social media. "It's not just social media, social media is just the latest form, it's much older."

The tracks are even hard to trace. Even into an age where God is still approached as a terrifying ignorance, the ancestors of men have been lined up for recognition. They kneel in front of rocks, giant trees, or a cave that perpetuates the dark throughout the day with a plea to be recognized as guilty people who must be saved from disaster. Either plague or mountain erupted.

"Have you noticed?"

The same thing continues as God is more understandable for reasons that make sense. The days of the book religions. Humans create schools and educate the Kelrics – "Have you heard of this people?"

"You mean, Kleriks?"Yes, the people in the old position: submission to the Divine and seek recognition as pious people while hoping to be the ones who will be saved. Until an era where, it is said, God has been replaced by a new belief: Science. Belief in the same basic character, the recognition that man can lead his own history with his sophistication.

"What about the present era?"

The only difference is the model of expression and sources of recognition. Man is human, his life is stale if it does not give space for the attention of others for what he did or has achieved. Homo Socius has become Homo Narcisus. Therefore, we need to learn on …

"Inanimate objects?" ask me. Cut.

"Yes, right on the utility pole."

"Power pole?"

Being a power pole in a human country is not a simple matter. Moreover the country with drama performances everywhere.

Forever, you are just a light buffer from the frenzied life of a human who is afraid of the dark. The deserted buffer under the open sky with a successive season. No one ever asked if you were cold or how strong it was to heat up. Including asking, how can you sabah that serve.

During this time, you're nothing more than a mute intermediary on a human life that every day hunts well-being and pleasure. Intermediate machine runs in glitzy factories and restaurants or malls that start from morning till midnight.

You can not ask, where does the power source go through your body. Is it sourced from hydropower whose installation kills endemic fish in a river and pollutes the water source of the farmers' village. Or it comes from the inflated tariffs corrupted by certain business groups without ever being touched by the sword of the law.

"Who ever asks a power pole?" I asked out with a muffled laugh."You're an educated person despite the elementary school level, I'm even lower, (feel) educated than the books I picked up in garbage dumps.don't look more stupid."

Kampret, I thought to myself. "Are you ready to take notes again?" I just lifted an eyebrow.

"You should have asked me why electricity poles are not roads, guard posts or security posts, for example, do not they also live as buffers, but let's ignore this section."

In short. What I mean, as a power pole, with a blackish silver body extending as if challenging the sky, you were born by the marriage of several branches of science. At least, by physics and economics. You have an old history, in the early days of the invention of so-called modern life and underpin the so-called mechanical economy.

"What's more?"

"Just take notes.These sections are complicated and, sorry, it is not intended for your thinking power that somersaults in understanding how 2×4 can be the same with 10×6 +4: 8."

Taek, give me more. The philosopher's garbage disposal!

You in the form of a power pole are a key part of the day when darkness will give birth to protests and even the destruction of a nation. The cities will be deserted, the factories will die. And people flocked to get angry on the streets. Revolution!

Not many human heads realize this important meaning. Moreover admit it. Even if they are not busy with their own affairs, not necessarily aware.

"Wow, how did you get this strange thought?"

I am confused, whether to be amazed or feel being heard madness."Just last night."

The man then burned the remaining red Marlboro butts. "But this should not be noted, not all of Cicero's stories are recorded by Tullius, are they?" A cloud of smoke that has spread the vapor is similar to the smell of Walang Sangit airs.

"I just came home and walked the streets to the house with a hungry stomach since the morning when the sky was drizzling, about 300 meters from the now-famous electric pole, an expensive car drove in and hit an electric pole. person, his face is not clearly visible under the dim lights. "

The smell of Walang Sangit was repeated again. Whuuuussh.

"Kudekati location of a single accident, the luxury car is a bit dented on the front.Not smashed, the rest, fine, still smooth in many parts.then I move the view on the robustness that stands up defiant night: the electric pole is still upright. Suddenly thundercloud, I was chosen to receive enlightenment. "


"Yes, the enlightenment, the liberation of the mind from ignorance, but I realized tomorrow morning When I stopped by to ask for debt at the bule stall Patmi.From his radio, I just found out in the car there are officials of the country that is being sought by the entire population of the country. the twilight that strives to fight without thinking of greater destruction will overwhelm it, but this is not what caught my eye.You can already guess what? "

"Obviously a power pole …"

"False Tagar Save Power Piles are echoing all over, from which I find deeper meaning about the meaning of human life, the desire for recognition, and how to reconcile with fate without much hateful babble."

"Do I have to record this section?"

I want us to remember Cicero's warning, Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error. "***

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