Shown Naked on Video KOOT West Kanye West, Taylor Swift Ngamuk! Ouch, Yes I’m sorry

There is something strange about Kanye West's latest video. Kanye features several artists and other influential figures as a cameo in her latest video. What makes it greget, not just display them as a common cameo, but in a naked form! There are Donald Trump, George Bush, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown to Taylor Swift who was the victim of Kanye's ignorance on his latest song entitled Famous.

According to, do not accept the figure shown naked with just a cloth covering her thighs, Taylor Swift clearly angry. Although the body is not actually the original body, but a wax statue, but Swift still think that Kanye has exceeded the ethical limit!

According to Taylor, Kanye West's actions are outrageous. Taylor calls Kanye crazy because of his actions that are beyond norm and ethics!

As reported by, Taylor Swift looked angry when he heard the news that Kanye West uses a figure of a wax statue that resembles it. Moreover, the wax statue is displayed naked with only a cloth covering her thighs. According to Taylor, Kanye's action this time is far from normal! He feels harassed for Kanye's behavior that is far from this ethic.

Inspired by the work of the legendary painter named Vincent Desiderio, Kanye's actions have been considered insolent.

Sure, the figure shown on Kamous Famous's video of Kanye West is just an artificial figure made of wax. The inspiration is also obtained from Sleep, a 24-foot realist painting of New York artist Vincent Desiderio. In line with the anger of Swift, Tom Hiddlestone was also not accept. He labeled Kanye unclassified for his brash behavior. Which guy does not get angry if his lover is treated like that!

Furthermore, Tom Hiddlestone's lover is also thinking about the steps he will take. The plan took him into the realm of law while he was thinking carefully.

Yes reasonable indeed. Who is a girl who wants to see her body on display just plain? According to, the Taylor party itself is preparing a response for this incident. If it is considered harmful, it could be a legal step would be taken.

Support comes not only from her lover, many of her Hollywood entertainment colleagues who support Taylor Swift take it a step further. Maybe others feel threatened too, yes

Due to his outrageous and abusive actions, it is no wonder that many opposed Kamous Famous of his Kanye West. In addition to Tom Hiddlestone who supports Taylor's move to take a step further, many world celebrities are also supporting him. Is Gigi Hadid, Jaime King to Taylor's brother, Austin, who loudly voiced his support for this beautiful Shake It Off singer girl.

Although the new premiere and has not been released globally, but still Kanye behavior makes many fans Taylor Swift upset. Actually an unpleasant relationship between Taylor Swift and Kanye West has begun since ancient times, precisely when Kanye took the mic from the hands of Taylor on MTV Award 2009 ago. Maybe that's why Kanye West got bold as if challenging Taylor Swift by showing off her bare wax statue right next to Kanye. There's nothing

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