Simple Air Filters for Smoke and Dust

Simple Air Filters for Smoke and Dust

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Installation of Extra Fan closed drum

Pipe sponge air ducts into the drum

Clean air out of the drum

Instead we just blame each other about the smoke haze generated by corporate crime in saving their operating costs, as much as donating ideas for reducing and providing clean air within the home in haze.

Simple water filter to overcome smog and dust …
1. Used drums
2. Extra fan used car 12 V, power source can be battery or adapter min 10A
3. Strip plate for Fan holder to drum lid
4. Thin plastic basin in the kitchen
5. The rest of the sponge is made into an air intake tube, about half the height of the drum. Water filling just 1-2 cm above the end of the sponge pipe inside the drum so that the motor work is not heavy.
6. Former vitamin place for air outlet. Or it could be smaller so that the distribution into the room can use a regular water hose. the position of the air outlet should be above the water level in the drum.
7. Pipe or water hose
8. Drums are placed outdoors
9. The end of the pipe / hose is inserted into the room as a clean air suplay that is free of dust
10. Periodically the water should be replaced, because it will be dirty or dust bonded into the water
11. Do not forget to close all air outlet from outside, so that dust and smoke do not enter room and indoor air supply just from water filter that we make.

Selected dc motor so that if one pair, stay exchange plus minus connection.

Ways of working :

The air was dusty and the smoke would be sucked by Fan and pushed into the water, the smoke and dust bound by water.

Clean air will come out of the hole beside the drum, this is poured with a pipe or a water hose into the house.

Water in drums should periodically be replaced, if the contents of water about 1/2 drum may be replacement can be 2-3 days depending on the amount of assp and dust.

Do not make forest fires as a national disasterTHE NATIONAL DISASTER STATUS WILL REMEMBER THE CRIMES of obligations and responsibilities.

Please share, may be useful for the brothers who are in the area of ??smoke haze.

Sorry have not made the complete series go into the room because there are no hoses and pipes …

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