Simple Ways To Get Healthy and Fit Body

Simple Ways To Get Healthy and Fit Body

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In a healthy body there is a strong soul and a clear mind, which can trigger to take positive action that will make ourselves, family and society forward.

Health is an unfathomable gift from God. Therefore, we must be smart to maintain our health. There are some simple ways to keep your body healthy and fit all the time. Here's how:

Stay away from smoking or cigarette smoke and stay away from foods or beverages that contain lots of sugar, as both have adverse effects. Excess sugar increases the amount of insulin. Insulin not only works to control blood sugar pressure, but can trigger cancer risk, besides excess sugar can cause obesity that will mengganggun heart health and liver organ.
Deprived of depression by drinking coffee containing caffeine. Because coffee that contains caffeine in addition there are bad effects caffeine has many benefits. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning not only provides extra energy, it can also improve moods that last longer than we realize, because caffeine works like antidepressants by stopping the production of some hormones such as serotonim.
Exercise is accompanied by a proper diet. Because to achieve a healthy body in addition to diligent exercise diet should also be arranged.
Sleep 1 hour longer than usual to create a feeling of happiness especially for those who are too busy.
Live life with optimism / positive thinking in order to have a big impact on your happiness, but it can also help you live longer because someone who has a positive or optimistic mind tends to avoid heart disease.
Increase your brain power by chewing gum, otherwise chewing gum can bring a sense of happiness and also improve memory. Mint gum can dramatically reduce fatigue.
Beware of an office cash machine, because it's as dirty as a public toilet that houses bacteria. Get used to wash hands thoroughly after earning money from an ATM machine.

Those are some simple ways to make the body healthy and fit so that we avoid various diseases. May be useful.

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