Simple Ways to Reduce Global Warming Effects

Simple Ways to Reduce Global Warming Effects

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Global warming has been the main ingredient of public talks in recent years. Society in general already understand and aware of the dangers posed by the effects of global warming and the perceived impact for humankind but still little action taken by the public to reduce the impact of global warming. Briefly global warming is a process of rising air temperatures that occur in the atmosphere both on land and water areas. The increase in temperature is caused by human activity that less attention to the impact of the earth. The simplest example is the use of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. The use of fossil fuels can increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is one of the main factors in the occurrence of global warming.

Here is a simple way that can be done by the community to participate in helping reduce the adverse effects of global warming.

Planting shrubs in the yard of the house. Trees are a very important element to reduce the impact of global warming. The main function of the tree is to absorb the carbon dioxide used for photosynthesis, then produce the oxygen and glucose needed for the metabolism of the tree itself. Hopefully, the more trees are planted the more carbon dioxide is absorbed, otherwise the oxygen produced can also be greater.

Turn off unused electronic equipment. It is important to save electricity usage, because the more electricity used the more fossil fuels it needs

Reduce the use of fossilized fossil materials, and switch to more eco-friendly resources

Travel by public transport to reduce air pollution

Save paper usage, as more paper is used the more trees are cut

Not using plastic. Plastic takes a very long time to be able to decompose

Reduced air conditioning

Dry clothes outside. The heat of the sun is better than using a dryer, in addition to killing the existing bacteria in clothing, the dryer releases more carbon emissions.

Tell the people closest to youStopping the effects of global warming looks impossible, but we can still reduce the effects of global warming itself. If the earth in the future can not be a comfortable and safe place to live, then where will our children and grandchildren live? So, what are you waiting for? Do something to fix what we have been done. Nothing is impossible unless you try.

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