Smart Bracelet Ela Make Users Not Need To Keep Checking Your Smartphone

Smart Bracelet Ela Make Users Not Need To Keep Checking Your Smartphone

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Not a few people who are reluctant to replace the jewelry and accessory beloved by wearable devices with aesthetic reasons and durability. These reasons make the manufacturers create a wearable product with a better.

Team Ela FineTech provide a solution by sticking to a design direction traditional. Startup America is creating jewelry smart form a bracelet. Indeed presentation is not something new, but a background in manufacturing is very interesting.

It was explained that the Ela provide a unique way in bringing the technology device when a busy day without the need of cutting through clutter. Smart bracelet Ela is not the only wearable device and of course jewelry. But it becomes a solution to manage the digital life of today. The device gives its users the opportunity to interact with the gadget at the right time.

There are a variety of models that were presented Ela. Electronic components stored in the main module disguised as the eye of jewelry. The shape and color of the presented assortment. Ranging from precious stones synthetic boxes or rounded style of cutting a baguette, also available in leather strap white, black, brown, red, blue, until purple pastel. There is also a selection of models fancy bracelets 18 karat gold plated or metallic rhodium.

The function of the Ela is its own wearable device. As an extension of the user's smartphone. But not only to show notifications only. The user can also set priorities so that the Ela is only to submit notification of the individual is important. Then, the user can also customize each alert to display the LED colors are different. Ela supports eight pattern alerts and also 15 profile from the contact list on the user's smartphone.

The other thing is, smart bracelet can also function as a fitness tracker. Wearable can count the number of steps daily, calculate the data, is also integrated into Apple's HealthKit also Google Health. Just by downloading the companion app available in the Apple Store or Google Play and follow the steps. With a non-removable battery that is in it, able to keep the Ela remain active for 3 days. The price in the offer is US$ 195.

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