Smashed Beauty Standards, This Model Until Threatened Will Be Rape

Smashed Beauty Standards,

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All girls want to be pretty. Want that every day emang hobby preening in front of the glass or who prefers what it is, any girl would not hate if praised by someone beautiful. Although each person is essentially born with different body shapes and skin colors, but the beautiful definition seems to continue to narrow and become more specific. Especially for women. Slim body and smooth white skin that became the most basic formula to be called beautiful, in almost every place in the world.

Although it is considered fairness, the standard is clearly human form. What is featured in the media, movies, and commercials forms all of our perceptions of who is beautiful and who is not. So what a surprise the world when recently there was an ad from the famous sports brand, Adidas, who dared to show the model with a skin that is not perfectly smooth. No matter-why, only his legs are left natural hairy because deliberately not shaved. If that's happening around us, most people mumble amused, why are girls so lazy with their legs, but because they are plastered in international commercials, all commented really bravely.

Yet yes just feathers doang lho. Want girls or guys, all the hairs will also grow if not shaved. But the reality is, the world may not be ready to see a girl with leg hair or dense underarm hair. Quoted from the BBC, Adidas model in the ad, Arvida Bystrm, even to get many indecent threats such as threats of rape just because dare to show a little legs. Kok Adidas dare ya ?! Will tomorrow all Adidas models be like this ?! Let's see the full story with Hipwee News & Feature!

This ad is a series of Adidas Superstar campaigns themed authencity and creativity of the future. Arvida who dared to offer a beautiful definition beyond the norm, was chosen to represent that vision

The 15-second campaign video uploaded at the end of September, immediately became the world's talk. This campaign has a unique mission, which is to describe authenticity or authenticity and use creativity to forge a better future. Apparently the Adidas assess the concept is compatible with Arvida Bystrm. In the video, Arvida did not hesitate to pose and show her legs are clearly visible.

Arvida posed while sharing his opinion about the femininity he thought was born of society and should not be absolute. Most women are afraid to interpret themselves to be real women for fear of being opposed to existing values.

Swedish model who is also a photographer, emang already famous not agree with the existing beauty standards. See aja posting-postingan in his personal account

Arvida Bystrm is a model who is also a Swedish photographer. In social media, especially his personal Instagram account, he often uploaded a picture of himself and did not hesitate to show hair on the body such as underarm hair and leg hair. Launched by Boredpanda, Arvida is also known as a stereotypical resistance icon and so is a no shave movement activist or fur shaved movement. The assumption is clearly different from most people's opinion is clearly a lot of scorn. Although for some open-minded people consider his actions as legitimate and not against the rules.

Just because it was involved in the latest project of the famous brand, Arvida became a netizen-nettering material that found it disgusting. Even he claimed to be a threat of immoral acts

Because post medsos and Adidas ads, Arvida himself admitted that he often get scorn, protest, even until the threat of indecent DM through his Instagram. Through quotations in his uploads Arvida writes, I really got threats of rape in the DM inbox

She is not a woman, she is a monkey! Kenzo KabutoTerrible! Burn it with fire! Shave your legs, jal * ng, or wear pants! Schissgring

Is this what women want? No, thank you. I love European culture and values. A woman should keep up her looks, go for a course, this is ridiculous! MrPaperclip82

But not a few also have an opinion to defend Arvida. The period just because Arvida grows feathers, everyone is bothering to spread hatred?

Actually in this campaign Adidas not only mendapuk Arvida Bystrm, many other models that represent authenticity in various points of view. Starting from a model with full-wound skin, a fat model, to a gay and black model. But it seems Arvida video is the most attention. Various viewpoints that carried Adidas did bring many new opinions about change and openness. Many also feel that Arvida has voiced anxiety that most girls are required to shave fur.

Wow, I'm impressed! Finally there are people who remind people to be ourselves. Thumbs up for you, Adidas, and thanks! Good marketing work! Naska

You have to decide for yourself, will shave or not. Or else you will do on your own body. Linonono

Adidas spoke up, his side said that this collaboration is intended to welcome the positive, the topic dikursif, and changes

As reported by the BBC, the Adidas actually feel that an honor can work with Arvida for the advancement kretivitas, differences, and unique ideas donated to Adidas. Although initially sparked a debate, Adidas hopes that one day the topic that raises the pros cons can lead to a better change. Come to think of it, the compulsion to be beautiful just give pressure on women. Moreover, demands that the feet should be smooth without fur? In fact, the process of waxing is not without pain you know!

Regardless of the controversy about the fur quintessence that you can get from this problem is how you dare to appear to be yourself. As the expert says, Be youself because everyone is already taken. If you do not appear to be yourself, want to appear so who else? Especially for girls, if the demands that exist in the community actually makes you depressed, so do not do.

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