Smoke Exposure Area to be Installed Undip Air Purifier

Smoke Exposure Area

Image source:, Semarang – A number of areas exposed to smog will be installed air purifier made by researchers Diponegoro University (Undip). Because smoke haze disaster caused by forest fires degrade air quality causing respiratory diseases.

According to Dr. Muhammad Nur DEA, inventor of the tool, the tool dimension is very small. An air purifier named Zetagreen was developed by utilizing plasma.

Observation, Zetagreen tube-shaped as high as 100 centimeters with a diameter of 22 centimeters, does not require much space. One tool can clean the air in a room of 16 m2. How to use it too easy, enough aliri with electricity then Zetagreen will work.

"For the room about 4 meters x 4 meters is enough 15 minutes is clean," said lecturer of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM), Thursday (10/29/2015).

Nur then explains how Zetagreen works, that dirty air like smoke will be sucked by the fan that is at the top. The smoke goes in and will undergo a process of filtering and decomposing or breaking down certain gases.

The content of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the air that is sucked into the plasma reactor then burning by the plasma field reaches 100,000 degrees Celsius.

"The air will return to the elementary particles, the particles (viruses, bacteria, and others) will freeze and settle down in. This is different with other plasma equipment, otherwise it releases the plasma into the air, if it sucks air," Nur said.

After filtering, clean air with 20% oxygen content will be vital from the bottom of the machine while filtered bacteria or viruses settle below. In addition Zetagreen also eject ion clusters and active oxygen to kill viruses and bacteria that did not get sucked by the tool.

Zetagreen technology has been developed by the Center of Plasma Research Undip by rolling out a research application of plasma technology to eliminate smoke since 1999.

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